Mass Effect 3: ‘Amazing Experience’ Across Platforms

With the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 seriously having outdated tech compared to a modern gaming PC it should come as a worry to players who are looking to buy Mass Effect 3 on consoles in 2012.

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RahatR2639d ago

Of course it will be. Its mass effect.

LocO_o2639d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I love the Mass Effect series but wish Bioware would add just a tad of humor in the game and make each character feel like they have and individual personality.

Dont get me wrong I love serious games but I feel like all the Mass Effect characters look so serious and all have that seem WTF look. Joker is ok but even he sounds like he is forcing a joke out.

Even if they kept the characters serious they could at least add some easter eggs or references to other Bioware games in ME3.

Edit: Just found this video and Yatzee explains what I trying to say well at 3:06

Edit2: LOL just saw this review and think Yatzee needs to make ME3 http://www.escapistmagazine...

Nate-Dog2638d ago

Have you even talked to Mordin, for example when he sings or has that conversation to you about having sex and how things like biotics can spice it up? Almost any conversation with Mordin cracks me up. Garrus's sarcasm and pragmatism at times can be pretty funny too, not to mention Wrex being pissed at pretty much everything in general. It's not in-your-face or laugh out loud humour but they always stick in these little bits everywhere that are witty and make me laugh.

Foxgod2639d ago

There is humor in the game tho, for example, the conversations between joker and the ships AI.

LocO_o2638d ago

Like I said Joker is ok but some times his jokes are dry.

I am not saying to go all Duke Nukem on the game but even Halo and Metal Gear Solid 4 had some humor in it.

tplarkin72638d ago

It's true that the 360 and PS3 have old tech, but there aren't any PC games that demonstrate a fundamental difference in graphics today.

Heishiro__Mitsurugi2639d ago

I dont like the tone the article was written in. Honestly, the story is the punchline in ME,not graphics. So, from ME1 its never been eye candy for graphics whores. Gamers play games, not count pixels.

Foxgod2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

While i agree that counting pixels is for pricks, i do find it import that the design of a game it looks feel good to the eye.

Its hard to get into a game that looks awkward and or boring.

No Way2638d ago

I don't even know how to count pixels .....

gravemaker2639d ago

simple shooter with simple, non original story. Me1 was better.

Moebius692638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I liked the first Mass Effect more the the second,better story more rpg elements.I just hope that the third is more like the first than it is to the second.

Blacktric2638d ago

Oh look you guise, another "let's throw mud at ME 3 for being action oriented" guy. What a surprise. ME might be better "for you" but don't talk sh*t about a game that you saw only for 10 minutes. What the hell were they going to show you at E3? All the RPG mechanic they readded? And non original story? Upto this point nearly everything in the world is unoriginal for God's sake. Everything is taking something from other products. At least Mass Effect is doing it better.

MysticStrummer2638d ago

Being a PS3 only person, I've only had access to ME2. I was so psyched when I heard it was coming to PS3, so when the demo arrived in the store I downloaded it immediately. The first section, where the ship is under attack and Sheppard gets blown out into space, was so cinematic and cool. I couldn't wait to see more. Then the actual gameplay started. What a letdown. Some of the worst shooting action I've seen this generation, so stiff and unexciting. The demo took me from "must buy" to "maybe I'll play it eventually once it's on deep discount". Mass Effect does the cinematic thing very well, but the gameplay... not so much. Just my honest opinion.

krazykombatant2638d ago

Well all we saw other than customizing weapons was action and how new animations like climbing ladders! have been integrated. You must understand that everyone is very skeptical since the last game from BioWare DA2, was a complete and utter disaster.

Blacktric2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Look I completely agree about how Bioware f'd up Dragon Age 2. They already had an action oriented franchise like ME and a old school rpg one like Dragon Age and they decided to make it more like Dynasty Warriors. It pissed me off a lot too but you can't just make negative assumptions from the 10 minute demo you saw. What were they gonna show to the crowd at E3? The character progression? Spending points to the attributes? What? They already said that they're adding more RPG elements to the game yet some people on N4G are still trying to throw shit to the game saying it's an action game. Mass Effect series was an action/RPG hybrid from the beginning. Granted, they take some RPG elements out like looting and inventory in ME 2 but choices (the single most crucial element of an RPG game) was there along with multiple endings and save import feature. If those aren't enough for you to call it an RPG game, I'm sorry but you're a stuck up pathetic fanboy.

krazykombatant2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Ummm this skepticism is just natural i played the da2 demo just like everyone did and it felt like crap. Obviously we didn't have a hands-on demo for me3. However, everyone is entitled to their opinion. It's been posted over and over and over again. BioWare want ME3 to be the best 3rd person shooter out there. Why in the hell are the focusing on that??? they should focus on making an epic ending to the story and great rpg filled game ONLY one thing has been shown is the customization of weapons. Which is cool and I understand them not showing the rest of the rpg elements. However, when you see so much crap from bioware like "rpg doesn't mean stats and inventory/loot" things like that show how far of the path BioWare have gotten.

Oh and like foxgod said below us, you don't control the story whatsoever, and to be honest the imports might as well be useless other than characters your conversation choices have very little impact on the world thus far.

I'm no fanboy and I really hope they add more rpg elements and make the final installment more like the first. How things stand at the moment BioWare is going for the casual crowd and giving very little to the long time fans. If i want to run shoot everything in my path i play COD or GTA. I'm hoping this game is epic, but as it stand right now its a tps with some rpg on the side. Don't try and let your loyalty towards bioware blind you from that.

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showtimefolks2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

they have learned from their mistakes from Me1-2 so hopefully 3rd will be the ultimate ME game

with actual RPG elements like ME1 had
a story that is done even better Me1-2 were nice stories but 3rd could blow the first 2 games story wise out of water

make sure console games run smooth. Me2 on xbox360 has a lot of pop in and frame rates sometimes drop also sometimes you get in a room and it says loading

so fix the game right and give us a master piece


you are right instead of fixing the rpg issues with me1 they just removed them all and made it a shooter with a story you can control

Foxgod2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Your arguments on the genre of Mass effect are invalid, and will therefore be treated as an opinion.

For example, you cannot control the story in ME, you can control the conversations.
And next to that, ME only persists 50 % of shooting, while shooting games are 90 to 100 % of shooting.

Theres too much managing and exploring going on in ME2 to call it a shooter.
Shooter fans dont like ME, cause it goes too slow for them, hence it being an rpg.

Me2 = an action rpg with guns instead of swords.

MysticStrummer2638d ago

I like all kinds of games. To me, ME2 = Action RPG with stiff and unexciting action. I was blown away by the cinematic portion of the ME2 demo, but I thought the action portion just blew.

showtimefolks2638d ago

a shooter or an rpg even though reviewers called it one of the best shooters.

i really like Me series played both Me1-2 twice but to me ME1 with its issues is a better RPG and better game. ME2 has more polish and just like dragon age 2 instead of fixing what was broekn in the 1st they just did something different for sequel

and now they again bring back gun stats and other RPG elements

Foxgod2639d ago

It will, its only the best series ever :)
The only action rpg that keeps me glued to the screen as much as the old snes action rpg's did.

krazykombatant2638d ago

I will kindly disagree with some aspects of your statements.

I don't know what managing or how you did exploring in ME2. You couldn't not explore the planet because people bitched and moaned about the mako and got rid of exploring planets.

BioWare replaced our exploration of planets with scanning planets (which i didn't have problems with until my 2nd playthrough as i started to notice how annoying it was until a patch made it pretty much easy to scan. BioWare then went further with their mainstreaming by making all of the places that you go and "explore" just a couple of hallways. Why because people once again bitched about elevators so we got massive loading screens every couple of minutes. We got LESS guns, LESS powers, and for some reason we went back on tech in ME, they went from using heat sinks with no limits on bullets to frigging ammo....

ME was the better of the two because it had an awesome story. Wayyyy more rpg elements, sure the inventory was clunky BUT if you sold most of the useless things and didn't grab everything you could find, people wouldn't find themselves with useless stuff. But i guess not everyone likes dealing with an inventory which is alright. But it did not mean for them to go ahead and just completely throw it out the window and just have very few things.

So far this is my favorite series in this gen so don't get me wrong I want ME3 to be the best thing in the world since pussy. I hope that the 3rd and final part of this trilogy will be great but so far i'm skeptical.

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