MediaKick Review: Alice: Madness Returns

MediaKick: "The works of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (or to you and me: Lewis Carroll) famously fall under the genre of “literary nonsense”. They are, however, incredibly influential works and had surreal metaphors for Alice’s own problems with growing up and her curious nature. Over the years there have been many adaptations of the timeless classic. From the semi-inaccurate animated offering from Disney to the overly gritty epic offering from Tim Burton… via Disney. You see, Disney has had a bit of a monopoly at Lewis Carroll’s expense and for the most part got it horribly wrong. The animated version tried to make things a little too child friendly, while the Tim Burton version had to find some way of inserting his missus and best friend into the mix. Video games though have had a better stab at the proceedings with American McGee’s Alice having a massive cult following. Obviously not content with Tim Burton’s loathsome offering, American McGee is back with Alice: Madness Returns. Is this Wonderland a truly magical realm of the bizarre or an experience that will send you to an asylum?"

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