Top Ten Characters That Should Be Dissidia DLC

Blistered Thumbs: So, Square Enix just released the schedule for the upcoming downloadable content for Dissidia 012 [duodecim]: Final Fantasy and… it’s quite underwhelming. Avatars? Costumes? Music? I guess that’s ok, but what I, and probably every other Final Fantasy fan still left, really want is more characters. Which characters you ask? These ones.

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Warprincess1162640d ago

All i want is Hope. I pay anything to have him as a playable charachter

HeavenlySnipes2640d ago

and kick his ass over and over?

NegativeCreep4272640d ago

He is a legitimate badass.

Vincent Valentine as well. Any OG (Old-school Gamer) remembers how difficult it was to unlock Vincent in Final Fantasy VII. That big ugly purple monster boss that you had to kill before opening Vincent's coffin within that mansion within Niebelheim was a mother-f*cking b*tch!!!

d3nworth12640d ago

There is a very easy way to kill the purple monster. What I did was get Areris limit break full before I fight him. Then use her sealing magic on him hit a couple of time and he's dead.

Eamon2640d ago

I LOL'ed so hard at this. Hope?!?!

And that display pic just made my day.

Hahaha, if this isn't a troll account then I dunno man.

MrSpace2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Who the hell would want that stupid annoying brat Hope in this game. I hate kid hero's in games, they always come off annoying or just get in the way. I don't know about FF7 characters they already had two, well one main character Tifa then an assist Aerith. So it would be nice to see FF7 getting one character while the other games get two.

I would like Vivi, Lulu, Rinoa, Quistis to name a few. Rinoa from FF8 the most, she always come off as weak in Final Fantasy 8 it would be nice to see her kick ass in this although will she be regular Rinoa or Sourceress Rinoa, we never actually got to see what she was capable of as a sourceress.

killerhog2640d ago

An annoying little brat HErself with a Hope avatar thats who.

Baka-akaB2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Hope hardly deserves the hatred he gets here . He's not some badass hero , but one of the youngest playable chars , not even the hero of the game , no raised by wolves , ninja and what not , just a run of the mill civilian thrown into crap . It's backstory and behavior does make sense , not to mention that he does evolve beyond emo whining t some point .

I'll just agree that he doesnt belong much in dissidia , and that he/she/it from above is mightly annoying and a brat for sure .

Godmars2902640d ago

Isn't Vivi a kid hero? An underdeveloped golem?

Baka-akaB2640d ago

There was yuffie too , maybe only a year or two older than hope , but raised as ninja .

Also Gau , raised in the wilds .

Or Eiko , probably the youngest , not really human neither , and raised as an Eidolon summoner .

And maybe others i forgot .

Pozzle2639d ago

I definitely agree that Rinoa needs a chance to shine. She was a pretty good character at the start of FFVIII, but she wasn't really developed (except as a love interest) later on in the game. It would have been great to know more about her new sorceress powers or see her become as useful to the group as the other SeeDs.

She has a lot of potential for a game like Dissidia.

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firemassacre2640d ago

i want cole from infamous

HeavenlySnipes2640d ago

LOL I had to do a double take with your comment. It'd be funny if that actually happened.

Neo Nugget2640d ago

Zack would be sure to reel in a fair bit of cash for Square.

Eamon2640d ago

I agree, and while its true that he plays almost exactly like Cloud, it would be great for me and loads of others if he's at least a downloadable skin for Cloud (with replaced voice).

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