BestBuy Video Game Sale: Games from $4.99, + Buy 1, Get 1 Free on Kinect Games

"BestBuy has over 175 Xbox 360, PC, PS3, Wii, DS, and PSP game titles discounted from $4.99 as part of their weekly sale!

Highlights include:

Fallout New Vegas (PS3/PC/Xbox 360) - $9.99
FIFA World Cup South Africa - $9.99
Brutal Legend - $4.99
Grab them online and select 'in-store pickup' to secure the deal and save on shipping!

In addition, is offering a Buy 1, Get 1 Free sale on select Xbox 360 Kinect Games (plus free shipping)!"

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the_best_player2547d ago

No one wants them Kinect Games

Raven_Nomad2547d ago

Child Of Eden is number one on the charts at the moment..... Guess some people want them huh?

sashimi2547d ago

How do you know people are playing it with kinect? maybe they're just playing it with the gamepad for all we know.

TXIDarkAvenger2547d ago

The best experience to play Child of Eden is with Kinect. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean other don't.

El_Colombiano2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I enjoyed Child of Eden with a controller over Kinect. I guess that makes your comment irrelevant huh AnimeAvenger.

Firstkn1ghT2547d ago

Kinect games easily outsell the best of the ps3. I guess nobody cares for Killzone 3, LBP 2, and Infamous 2. LMAO!

jeeves862546d ago

hahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA omg, do you write your own comedy?

For a while there, Wii shovelware outsold the best of the 360 and the ps3.

showtimefolks2547d ago

how strong is the kz3 community i had the game for couple of months and gave it to someone. now bestbuy has the helgast edition for 49.99 worth it?

also brutal legend is 499
fallout new vegas is 9.99
crackdown 2 is 9.99

i wanted a deal on fable 3 its not there other games are priced about the same as other stores.

i tried to trade some games at bestbuy today and was told the only games i can trade at bestbuy are the ones i bought from bestbuy and i still had the receipt for. that's pretty stupid

Lord_Sloth2547d ago

Nobody's puttin the Kinect itself on sale...I need it for Mocap for my game!

antz11042547d ago

Dead Rising 2 for $20? Yes please!

dkgshiz2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Somehow I can't see how Kinect is not just a novelty. I bet your average Kinect user turns his Kinect on every 1-2 weeks for 1-2 hours total.

kaveti66162547d ago

That's about how often I play video games.

Blaze9292547d ago

Fallout New Vegas (PS3/PC/Xbox 360) - $9.99 O_O

BiggCMan2547d ago

I bought it a month ago for $17.00 USED!!! I'm pissed now.

synchroscheme2547d ago

I bought it last night new for $17 also. Pissed.

guitarded772547d ago

Scored Fallout for $10 and Brutal Legend for $5... oh crap, just saw Crackdown 2 for $10. Add that to the list.

sashimi2547d ago

Well i bought Fallout 3 for $9.99 so it is only fitting i get Fallout NV for $9.99 also :P

El_Colombiano2547d ago

I got that as soon as I saw it!

kaveti66162547d ago

I just went today and purchased it for 10. I absolutely hate Obsidian (the devs who made New Vegas and Kotor 2) but I figure it's going to feel like a good game considering how little I paid for it, so why not?

guitarded772546d ago

Yeah, it's amazing how getting a game at the right price can make it worth a play through. There's some games worth the $60 price tag, but many that can't command that at launch. Like Kane and Lynch 2 which I picked up for $15... I liked it for $15, but if I had paid $60 I'd be pissed.

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