An Open World Gone Mad: The Riddle of Far Cry 3

OXM UK: "Far Cry 2 was a creature of contradiction. It gave us an open world like no other, an equatorial tapestry of shifting palm fronds and brittle grass, sluggish rivers and sweaty towns, sand dunes and cliffsides. With its liquid global lighting, self-propagating fire system and animate vegetation, it never painted the same picture twice."

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Hazmat132393d ago

im all for open world but put that open world in a detailed jungle? well sir i have an erection!also the AK looks really BEAST!!!!

Redgehammer2393d ago

I loved FC2, I invested more hours beating that game, on hardcore, than any other FPS I have ever played. I can't wait to give FC3 a spin.

floetry1012392d ago

Despite some obviously irritating game design, I still think Far Cry 2 was a great and memorable game. I'm very much looking forward to Far Cry 3. From what I've seen, it looks like Ubisoft Montreal will deliver a better game this time around.

Inside_out2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

One of my favorite games this gen and I've played a lot of games this gen.

The re-spawning enemies didn't bother me UNTIL I played an the hardest difficulty setting which really made you hunker down and actually try and avoid getting into any was for me, I gave up.

The medium difficulty setting was by far the best for a guy like me that likes to go all Rambo. The weapons, as is usual the case with ubi were fantastic. Driving around unlocking safe houses and finding diamonds was some of the best gaming moments I ever had. The boats were absolutely riveting, going down a river with the sun setting and all hell about to break always attacked my objectives ( you CHOOSE the time of day ) at sunset or of the most beautiful games I have ever played.

There were 5 bus stations spread conveniently around all corners of the maps including the one right in the central town that you could use to travel instantly to your objective IF YOU CHOSE TO so I don't get why anyone would complain about driving...O_o...The driving was some of the most fun in the game with one tap of the button, you were behind the mounted gun and one tap later you were driving. I always leave it facing backwards so I can kill the pursuing jeeps in seconds and get back to love the re-spawning enemies that always made backtracking a " should I or shouldn't I " type of decision. If they didn't re-spawn, then what was the point??? It would be a barren jungle/desert/town...O_o

The jackal was a great, poetic villain and the tape messages was a nice edition into the world the Jackal lived in. Even having Malaria kept you busy and on your toes. The music was incredible and very atmospheric. If you missed the ending...well...I'm not spoiling it but it was great.

I still play it from time to time. The map editor is one of the best EVER ( )...check out some u-tube video's sometime.

Far Cry 3 along with Tomb Raider were the biggest surprises of E3. Those two teams are genius.

Redgehammer2392d ago

You are certainly entitled to your opinion, I just do not share the same sentiment.

Quagmire2393d ago

The title shouldve been: "An Open World Gone Insane: The Riddle of Far Cry 3:

2393d ago
Lykon2393d ago

i would of loved FC2 if it didn't have respawning enemies. sounds like the issues are being fixed in this game...fingers crossed.

Szarky2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Respawning enemies ruined the game.

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