Ladies, Hakuoki aims to appeal to "your needs"

What's that you say, female gamers? "There are too many male-oriented games and I'd like to see a few that cater mainly to my needs for once?"

Indeed, the gulf between male- and female- pandering is a little too wide to be healthy, but thankfully Aksys games is out to remedy that.

And by "for the ladies" we mean, "overflowing with hot, sparkly men".

Mmmm, sparkly men....

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frjoethesecond2693d ago

I'm a guy and I might buy this to help more of these to be released.

CrescentFang2693d ago

So Aksys got around to it... I have yet to experience an otome game... I'm a guy too. (I have yet to play any sort of visual novel yet though haha...)

hazelamy2692d ago

those aren't my needs. o_O

kreate2692d ago

what are ur needs? i help u.

sazzrah2692d ago

Is it me, or is Japan slightly obsessed with the gender swap romance storyline?

Surely it can be its own genre now!

Cloudberry2692d ago

But an official English translation of a Japanese visual novel is already appeal to my needs.