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PushSquare: "White Knight Chronicles: Origins eschews the complexities of the RPG genre, crafting a straight-forward co-operative experience that’s well suited to the pick-up-and-play nature of Sony’s portable platform."

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Projekt7tuning2638d ago

I don't know, I think I might have to pick this one up.
For some reason It gives me kind of a FF X type feeling, or maybe FF CC type of feel. It's kind of got that old school look and charm to it. I definitely think I will check it out. It may not be a day one but I'll be looking at it.

sarshelyam2638d ago

But I have to say, thanks again North America, for making me support the European economy. </frustration>

RichterBelmont2638d ago

Isn't that the truth. WKCII, WKC-O, then the three Wii titles. -_-;;

sarshelyam2638d ago

Well in all fairness, WKCII is hitting NA this summer, but yeah...the lack of those Wii games (and the Fatal Frame entries) really disappoint me.

RichterBelmont2638d ago

Late September. WKCII is an import. D3 had their chance.

BlackIceJoe2638d ago

I really hope this comes out in North America even if it only comes out on PSN. Also why is this listed under a PS3 game it is a PSP game? It even says it is a PSP game in the title.