Sexuality in Fallout: New Vegas

Border House: Unlike the first two entries in the Fallout series, in which a PC could flirt with and marry same-sex partners, Fallout 3 is mostly straight as an arrow. Play a female character and you can have the “room rental” scene with the waitress, but there is no opportunity to flirt with the women of the wasteland. A perk gives access to damage bonuses against and special conversation options with the opposite sex, but there is no same-sex equivalent.

So you may imagine my delight when, trundling around the wasteland of New Vegas killing wolves and stealing beer bottles, I discovered a new perk: “Confirmed Bachelor”.

Cue much speculation from my partner and me. Did that mean…? Well, the picture DID have a man looking deviously at another man in bed… But maybe the game makers just meant the damage bonus thing… Wait! There were gay conversation options! There were female gay conversation options! You could have gay AND straight conversation options!

That’s right: in New Vegas you can choose to be gay or bisexual. And you get combat bonuses for doing so.

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dotarray2639d ago

This - both the article and the subject it covers - is so awesome I nearly applauded from my chair.

That happens sometimes, but not frequently. Well done, Miss Haitch / Borderhouse. I have a new site in my RSS reader.

Lykon2639d ago

yeah it's cool. my character is a gay and he has heavily flirted with a couple of guys , but he's only had sex with a male prostitute who wasn't attractive tbh. but he was desperate so i let him. you don't see anything explicit, just the sit on a bed fade out thing, but it's the thought that counts. flirting is more fun. I sort of gave up on the game though cos the crashing was just a bit too often for my stress levels. keep meaning to finish it.

Varodor2639d ago

gey hate: +10 damage to gay

Motorola2639d ago

I play this game quite often and I have no idea what the article is talking about.... Are we playing the same game?

madjedi2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Yah it's the same game the difference is, you don't care about a meaningless feature such as this and would rather focus on relevant things like killing enemies/getting caps/gear ect.

Okay the gay people might find meaningful, but to 75-90% of gamers(ie the majority) it a useless perk/s that isn't worth having as it has no significant benefit. Other than pretending your gay in a video game, which brings to mind why don't they just play the sims.

But i am sure gay people will praise it for either portraying gays in a positive light or some pc garbage talking about "their" peoples plight or hardships ect.

If people want to play games for pretend gay relationships go ahead, i'd rather play games for the gameplay, multiplayer, the story ect.

Not because the a character is straight or gay especially when 95% of the time the characters sexuality is irrelevant to the story or gameplay.

"The Border House is a blog for gamers. It's a blog for those who are feminist, queer, disabled, people of color, transgender, poor, gay, lesbian, and others who belong to marginalized groups, as well as allies."

And people wonder why we will never stop focusing on race, gender, sexuality ect and arguing about it and just be human.

@borderhouseblog and sites like it congratulations by constantly reminding everyone how different they are, you succeed in ensuring we will always be at each others throats due to obsessing about the differences.

Your dividing groups against one another not unifying them, you want unity. Drop the race, gender, sexuality and monetary status from the discussion and you will see alot more similarities than differences.

So this is another this is blog for us(minorities) not you(majority), all political garbage regardless.

Shadowstar2638d ago

Fallout is a role-playing game, so is it surprising that some people feel that sexuality is a part of the role they're playing, ie, part of the gameplay? It's an RPG, not an FPS.

As for your other point: I'm not affiliated with this blog, but it's a lot easier to stand from a point of majority and say that differences don't matter... I think the differences shouldn't matter, but we live in a world where they do, and probably always will, partly because people just suck, and partly because our brains are wired to make faulty patterns. Closing our eyes to a problem doesn't make it disappear. We must choose to try to keep our eyes open, and work against the biases that our brains naturally create.

Lykon2637d ago

i get where your coming from madjedi and for most of my life i live like that myself. actually 99% of my mates are str8 and i don't go anywhere like gay bars or any of that, but also I think it's a good thing to have one or two games (out of 100's) especially role playing games where sexuality is dealt with, to just just give a little nod towards gays etc especially if it's done well or with humour. I knew a lovely guy who was not a right on activist or anything who was murdered just because he was a gay, another mate committed suicide because he couldn't accept being bisexual. It's not all sex drugs and gay parades and fabulous clothes you know. If there is a blog about gaming that specifically welcomes people who might identify themselves as being on the edges of society then ones being hurt. I really did not expect any subtly gay dialogue in new vegas, but you know what, it made me chuckle and warmed my heart when i discovered it by accident. air kisses

Motorola2638d ago

I do care about the social aspect, maybe I was just talking to the wrong characters. Oh well. nice to know that its there

Neko_Mega2639d ago

Wow and someone just found this out?? I knew about this for a long time. Benny I sleep with him and kill him in bed as my female character.

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