BT: Uncharted 3 – First Impressions

Guru Larry: Here are my first impressions of Uncharted 3's multiplayer beta. Please excuse the audio mic quality, I must admit this was the first time I’ve done a running commentary and need to get the hang of it. I’ve also mislaid my “proper” mic.

But rest assured I’m starting to throw off the rust from my long absence of making videos due from illness and I’ll be back on making episodes of GYCW and FYCW right away.

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Laypoof2572d ago

I'm currently playing the hell out of the beta and I'm absolutely loving it. The gun-play is much better, and the gun sounds are much more realistic. I know it's still a beta, but one thing that bothered me are the graphics. Don't get me wrong, they look stunning, especially the lighting. But it seems to me that the character polygon count has been reduced and the textures also took a hit even in the regular 2D because of the demanding nature of 3D technology. Other than that, I can't wait!

-Alpha2572d ago

Dude, Team Objectives Rocks!!

I'm playing 4+ hours a day hahaha

The graphics took a dive because of 3D for sure, same thing happened with Killzone 3. But UC3 will polish up, this is an older build and ND themselves have said they have a lot of time to work on graphics.

trophywhore12572d ago

Epic beta. Was really impressed with it. Day 1 for sure.

TKCMuzzer2572d ago

Why would someone disagree with you without an explanation? Are they disagreeing that you were really impressed or that you will buy it day 1?
Give someone a mouse and they will click it.

bloodybutcher2572d ago

perhaps someone disagreed with "epic beta".since it is n4g then he should have write "in my opinion":) come on guys,you know how it works here.and no,it wasnt me.

trophywhore12572d ago

No idea. Hahaha, also i thought that it took a few more bullets than normal to kill someone, or it could just be my internet, i have 4 meg? :S

femshep2572d ago

multiplayer is meh

but ive always been with uncharted for the single player story, which is what the game is about


How is meh? It have good features online besides it will have more on it in the retail version, pretty much make U3 better on it.

femshep2572d ago

yeah its nice but in the end its the same as every other multiplayer the same thing over and over and over.....its only a matter of time before it loses its charm and for me that really quick..... especially when no one online has a mic and when they do there complete a**holes and perverts, not to mention there is no such thing as team work anymore which requires communication and cooperation

jack_burt0n2572d ago

I agree majority of mic users use a mic because in the real world no one will talk to them lol

but it is different keep searching until you find people that actually play the game in terms of climbing, stealth kills and stuff thats what makes it refreshing from constant spawnfest MP imo.

killerhog2572d ago

I think Uncharted 3 online is very different from what other multi-players offer. now if you compared uncharted 3 multi-player to killzone 2/3 then yeah not so original (but keep in mind ND said themselves killzone multi-player was an inspiration) but ND made sure to add their own twist to their modes and gameplay

Neko6082572d ago

I just don't like the movement in multiplayer. I liked UC2s feel much better.

49erguy2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

I'm beginning to like it, but I say either make the camera/movement like U2 or up the damage a tad (just a tiny bit, not like COD). Too many easy kills end with someone scurrying away, and I'm not just talking about my easy kills. I jump and roll too.

I forgot that the entire MP will have stocks, sights, suppressors, etc. This MP is going to be unbelievable if it has TONS of gun mods like I think it will.