The Lawless Perspective: inFamous 2

inFamous 2 has been lauded by critics for being a decidedly great game. Is it really deserving of this high level acclaim though?

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Why o why2425d ago

I love the option to play extra games on top of all the multiplats especially when they're quality games like infamous 2. Might not be everybody's cup of tea but it was mine and frankly thats the only person i care about

the_best_player2425d ago

Infamous 2 is great but there is always nit pickers out there.

Ddouble2425d ago

Still waiting to get this. Just got a platinum in the first one. One of my favourite games now.

OcelotRigz2424d ago

Brilliant game, finished it being Evil and definitely gonna finish it again being Good.
Improves on InFamous 1 on nearly all levels except, for me, the story in 1 just seemed better and more immersive.
Still, fantastic game, deserved all the acclaim it got.