Minecraft Creations: Junon (Final Fantasy 7)

That’s right ladies and gents, it’s time to look on in awe as the Minecraft community do their best to impress us with their epic skills and excess free time, only this week with an added dose of nostalgia. There hasn’t been much out recently which has given me the perfect excuse to play through Final Fantasy 7 again (not that an excuse is required). - Ian (Botchweed)

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helghast1022640d ago

That wasn't Sapphire Weapon, that was Ruby :P

Bereaver2640d ago

Wrong, the one in the water was emerald weapon. The one in the desert was ruby weapon.

IanVanCheese2640d ago

Sapphire weapon was the one that attacked junon. Ruby was in the desert and emerald was under the water.

Bereaver2640d ago

Yes, sapphire was the one that attacked Junon but in this video it's clearly ruby weapon that's getting attacked.

IanVanCheese2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Got to agree upon another look at sapphire weapon in the fmv, it's definitely Ruby in this video.

I stand corrected and admit it like a man.