Modern Warfare 3 closed beta on Xbox LIVE?

Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer beta being played over public Xbox LIVE, going more widespread before launch?

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TrevorPhillips2640d ago

Either it's fake, or there is some testing going on as per usual. Either way, we won't be able to play it for now.

Ranshak2640d ago

nothing amazing though the game is probably 99% simular to the last 4 COD releases. Its just new maps people :P have fun paying 60usd for maps rofl.

EYEamNUMBER12640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

(insert your favorite sequel here) enjoy paying (insert amount here) for new maps rofl

see what i just did

radphil2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )


Show another game where it's $15 for 4 maps x 3 times.
They're gouging people on the DLC.

thrasherv32640d ago

And what do you pay $60 for that isn't the same as the last? And to be perfectly honest it's a franchise for a reason. If you don't like said franchise for being(guess what?) a franchise then don't buy it. If you really want to hate on recycled gameplay and new maps I suggest you head over to a BF article. It's been almost a decade and all they have changed is the setting.

EYEamNUMBER12640d ago


so? that really has nothing to do with what i was saying
NOT throwing your money away isn't that hard if people are dumb enough to buy map packs then that's on them

theonlylolking2640d ago

I could say the same for every first party game nintendo releases but I dont...most of the time.

Mw2 had a few problems but nothing that they should not be able to fix. Black ops just needs a whole new makeover.

radphil2640d ago


so? that really has nothing to do with what i was saying"

You're joking right? It's pertains exactly to what you said.

You responded to someone else commenting on paying 60usd for maps, by trying to be witty by going "blank for blank"

adamant7152640d ago


You seem to be forgetting that treyarch made black ops and world at war l, which saw zero improvement. Every sequel infinity ward has made (Cod 4 --> MW2) has seen an improvement. Stop trolling. I guarantee you just played mw2 or black ops an hour ago.

Pl4sm42640d ago

I enjoyed paying $60 for BFBC2 ... paying $0 for new maps since DICE actually knows to reward its fans by giving them the new maps free (with VIP code)

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ilikegam3s2640d ago

Its legit, if you go on then go on one of your friends. Delete the name and enter the gamertag shown in the pic, then u will see that he is playing 'Modern Warfare 3' if he is online that is (he was online when i checked just now)

xPhearR3dx2640d ago


He's not playing MW3, he's sitting at the dashboard and changed his "Name" under profile settings to "Playing MW3 Beta".

What you're playing NEVER appears below your Gamerscore, it always appears in black bar at the bottom under the grey box with all your info. You kids believe everything I swear.

TBM2640d ago

A beta for live? Nothing surprising there the love affair between activision and M$. Let's just hope the game runs the same on PC, and PS3 this time.

Blaze9292640d ago

not sure what they need to test....been the exact same game since CoD4 :-/

DBergmark2639d ago

I see that it was faked and I'm sort of embarrassed to say it. I'm going to be honest though. This is why I don't write at 2am in the morning usually. Cheers!

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Wizziokid2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

beta and Cod? didn't think they tested the game from the state the ps3 multiplayer was in.

awesomeperson2640d ago

Well they ARE testing it on 360 here >.>

NarooN2640d ago

And they tested the games on the 360 before, and they still sucked ass. Not like it's gonna make a difference, the MP will be broken, unbalanced, and full of the same BS everyone's come to expect previously.

awesomeperson2640d ago

Haha yeah I know, I was referring to how it'l be still broken on PS3 especially, while 360 will probably be playable like BO was.

SNEEKZ0NER2640d ago

Actually just like phear said it's not real people just change their bios so that it can look like they're playing any game they want I can't believe people actually made a whole topic about it.

kuge4562640d ago

What,even with beta,have they ever achieve any balance of MW2 or Cod;BO before?

Kran2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Anybody can fake these. The amount of articles weve had on fake betas. If they're going to prove its real, show us who is playing it so we can question them ourselves.

Lylat_642640d ago

My friend is playing Darksiders II!


Septic2640d ago

The past games have always had balancing issues only to be patched after the outcry of fans.

Remember MW2 and the care package glitch? Or the over powered dual shotguns (yes you heard me, DUAL FRIGGIN SHOTGUNS, something the T1000 Terminator would use) which had such a ridiculous range they might as well have come with a sniper scope attachment.

What about Black ops and the problem it had with something as fundamental as sound? They couldn't even get that right. Ninja pro was a redundant perk because you couldn't hear footsteps any way, something which the developers acknowledged AFTER the game was released and fans brought light to the issue.

Oh and they even changed spawn points a couple of weeks after the games release.

I'm sorry but Treyarch and Infinity Ward really are second class developers when it comes to balancing and even testing their games. I'm not just jumping on the COD hate bandwagon. The facts speak for themselves.

Just watch my video :

When a game is released and when core mechanics such as sound or balance are completely overlooked not once, but on repeated occasions, you do get the right to be critical of the developers.

If MW3 does not have a beta then I see this as a final nail in the coffin as far as their commitment to proper competitive gamers is concerned. Whilst DICE are refreshingly talking about things such as spawn balance, kd whoring prevention in objective games and having dedicated servers, IW have done very little to allay the concerns of many gamers in any real way.

mafiahajeri2640d ago

They wont release a beta for sure they dont want people to know its the same rehashed crap and they dont need to release one they know there going to buy it even with all the connection issues.

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