Uncharted once resembled Bioshock according to dev

According to a developer at Naughty Dog, the original Uncharted bore a surprising resemblance to Bioshock at one point early in development.

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LocO_o2599d ago

I am confused? Did that mean that UC was a FPS at first or that UC was underwater at first.

Voxelman2599d ago

If you actually read the source you would know the answer to that question

"The co-president of Naughty Dog, Evan Wells, said that early in the development process Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune took place inside an underwater facility which he compared to Bioshock."

LOGICWINS2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

ND has said that they have taken inspiration from Tomb Raider, ICO, Bioshock, RE4, and Gears for the cover system.


So it only makes sense for Uncharted to resemble these games. Thats the best way to become better..learning from the best :)

I_find_it_funny2600d ago

you took a small part of an interview already posted and made new post?

LOGICWINS2599d ago

Of course you can. N4G makes the impossible possible =D

MidnytRain2599d ago

This happens all the time here. A website will take a single quote from an interview and blow it up into its own story. Ridiculous.

Crazyglues2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )