Resident Evil: Revelations Pilot Video Walkthrough

Ever wanted to see what Resident Evil: Revelations looks like on the Nintendo 3DS or see what the Demo on Resident Evil 3D: The Mercenaries has to offer? Check out the video:

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Sorano2514d ago

There are some good 3DS games...

Streen2514d ago

Well, at least a "real" Resident Evil, and not just one gamemode for fullprice like Mercenaries 3D.

al-burrito2514d ago

wow, look at these graphics.. OO

ndl15312512d ago

yes the mercenaries 3d is a total ripoff gentlemen . here i thought that it was a RE game but the dam bonus mini games from the console versions ? what in the hell was capcom thinking ? (sure lets slap together a game with the bonus content of the console versions ) o_O ? who would buy this anyway ? well enough hate towards mercenaries 3d but revelations looks awesome . now thats a RE game cant wait for this

Cloudberry2512d ago

It already triumphs over Resident evil 5.