Kotaku: 6 1/2 Minutes of the Most Gorgeous Game You’ll See This Week

This is Journey, a downloadable game for the PlayStation 3 that is coming out this fall and looks like a dream. The game's creators at ThatGameCompany are running a beta for the Journey now, to test its quiet, anonymous multiplayer mode. (Spoiler waring!)

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deadpoole2490d ago

This is freakin awesomeeeeeeee :)))))

TBM2489d ago

Eagerly awaiting the release of this game. To me this is what sets the playstation brand apart from the other two companies.

I know you play with random people, but is voice chat gonna be in it? If it isn't I think its a brilliant way to play this game.

lashes2ashes2489d ago

no voice chat. there is no way to know anything about them. its awesome

TBM2489d ago


cool thanks for clarification, and yea this concept sounds awesome i cant wait to play this game.

bub +1

Turin2490d ago

Beautiful, ethereal, mesmerising, etc.....

ThatGameCompany have done it again.

r212490d ago

you can type/say that again.
i just played flOw, thinking that i'd play it for 30 minutes only but the game was so hypnotizingly fun and relaxing that i actually finished the whole game in 2 hours or so, non stop. it was trippy.

PSjesus2490d ago

I wish if Sony put AAA PSN collection on BR like they did
to Wipeout HD

JellyJelly2490d ago

Wow!! It's games like this, LBP, The Last Guardian and more that (to me) define what the Playstation brand is about.

Ddouble2489d ago

Exactly what i was going to say.

Reborn2490d ago

I can't wait to purchase this.

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