GamePro - 6 Best Free-to-Play Games on Steam

GamePro - Valve's ongoing plan to dominate the PC gaming space through Steam has now officially expanded into the free-to-play model, which some people will recognize as a bit of misnomer; most free-to-play games involve much-maligned microtransactions, where the player pays for access to perks, benign or otherwise. What you actually get for free varies per title, but you can generally get a pretty good amount of content without whipping out your credit card.

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IanVanCheese2602d ago

How in gods name did Alien Swarm not make this list lol

Huarle2602d ago

Lol, this is one of the most dumbass lists I have ever seen lol.
There are 7 (!) free to play games on Steam and the only one they didn't mention was Alien Swarm.

This is so much fail I can't even...

arjman2602d ago

So much fail that the failuniverse will implode?

Honestly though, I hope they bring more F2P games on there.

T3MPL3TON 2602d ago

I agree, I just hope the ones they do bring are worth playing. I don't want them to stick up the place with a bunch of terrible F2P games. Just because it's FREE doesn't mean it's good.

RoyaleWC2602d ago

Yeah, when I read the title I thought 'Wait, does Steam even have more than 6 free games?'. I think they're just testing the waters for possibly releasing DoTA 2 as free to play, especially since it seems League of Legends (free to play) is winning the war against Heroes of Newerth. So it would hard for Steam to steal League of Legends gamers, by asking them to purchase DoTA 2 instead of continuing to play LoL for free.