Metro 2033: A Flawed Masterpiece

From Alex Muncatchy at, "Chances are you guys have heard of this game. It is one that made waves by showcasing beautiful
graphics, and a cinematic grittiness thought only to be found in a game more like Call of Duty. It’s yet
another post apocalyptic title, with an a single, simple solution for reshaping the world."

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BeOneWithTheGun2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

I'm still pissed at this game. Two separate times I started the campaign only to get that stupid gas mask crack glitch. To the point where I couldn't see anything! I spent hours researching it online and it seems some got it and others did not.

Someone said to go through the missions on an easier mode as to not take as much damage but I always start on the hardest setting. I want the achievement, damnit.

MidnytRain2570d ago

Well, sir, you have a difficult choice: punish yourself with an incurable plague, or take it easy.

BeOneWithTheGun2570d ago

You forgot option number 3: Sell it on Craig's List for $35.00.

I took what was behind curtain number 3. :)

MidnytRain2570d ago

Haven't people been raped, killed, and robbed using Craigslist?

Foxgod2570d ago

Hopefully the next one will be a polished masterpiece :)
Lots of new IPS start out flawed, i didnt really like that first Assassins creed, nor the first dead space either.
But i loved the sequels to those games.

Hazmat132570d ago

i played on the xbox and i would get sound problmes with reloading my handgun or bastard gun i cannot wait for metro last light for PS3!!!

MidnytRain2570d ago

I want LL as well. If they can keep all their cool ideas and atmosphere while making it polished and perfected, it could be 2012's Bioshock.

Hazmat132570d ago

ya true dat. i cant wait for gameplay for PS3 and 360. but i really cant wait for is gameplay on PC with DX11 enabled.

showtimefolks2570d ago

hopefully for the sequel THQ will provide this studio with right kind of talent and support them wth funds to make sure this game is AAA title in 2012

darksiders 2
and this 2 big big games for thq in 2012

NYC_Gamer2570d ago

i wish THQ would have pushed this game instead of that homefront garbage

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