SSF4AE PC DLC will feature 103 costumes and will cost you $14

DSOGaming writes: "Capcom's Corporate Officer/Senior Vice-President, Christian Svensson, revealed at Capcom-Unity that the DLC Pack for the PC version of SSF4AE will feature 103 costumes and will be priced at $14."

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femshep2634d ago

prime example of a game being milked to death.....there has been 5 re-releases of this game for no reason at all

plus street fighter isn't how it use to be

Yi-Long2634d ago

... for many a good reason to just download the game instead, instead of rewarding them.

Pro_TactX2634d ago

No they will probably release Mega SF4 before Ultra SF4.

oricon2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

You guys love it when Naughty dog and Media Molecule charge for skins, and Neatherealms charge for the classic dlc costumes, also what do you mean for no reason at all they re released, alot of people in the fighting game community have constantly been asking for new characters new versions of the game.

Also theres only been one re-release of Sf4 which was SSF4, AE is a expansion pack for $15 with 4 new characters, updated online replays and balance changes and if you compare that to the character dlc of MK9 which is $5 for each characters this is alot cheaper.

admiralvic2632d ago

The 5 comes from total versions out there which is a rather stupid way of looking at it.


While I can understand some complaints how does Blazblue make it out without problems? No matter how many times I look at the two fighters... Blazblue seems to always be ripping off the consumer.

Blazblue, Blazblue (PSP; free game if you had the ps3 version since it could be played on the psp), Blazblue CS, Blazblue CS 2 (psp, 3ds), Blazblue CS 2 +

Their 3ds port was god awful and no matter how limited your time to make it was you could have AT LEAST enabled the thumbstick, enabled sleep support, or worked on getting online up.

The DLC items they're charging for might cost a lot less, but are palette swaps. I mean seriously you buy a SFIV one and you get a NEW design + 12 different colors. You buy the blazblue one and some fighters get some colors. Then they started charging for new announcers + unlocking content on the disc early...

Buying two of their fighters costs more than Arcade Edition and many of them are just multiplayer useable. No arcade, No story, No legion mode, nothing. You buy arcade mode and the 4 people have a story segment, new special bosses, work in all modes but challenge, etc.

DrRichtofen2634d ago

Instead of trying to decide which one of the five versions to get I'll probably just get Mortal Kombat. I heard Kratos is really fun to play with.

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NarooN2634d ago

Another valiant effort by Scamcom to re-release the same game 500 times, yet still charge people for fucking costumes and think they're cute by doing it.

Bravo Scamcom, bravo.