Catherine Voice Actor Interview With Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham

"TGL caught up with Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham and spoke to them about their gaming work, about the pressure that surrounds voicing characters for a franchise as big as Street Fighter and why working on the mysterious Catherine was more of a shared family experience than it was anything else."

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Warprincess1162642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Since Japanese weeaboos are gone to be the majority of people buying this game. They just gone to turn the VA to Japanese even though there nothing wrong with the english VA. I really hope game developers stop putting Japanese voices into the game.

SwilloTGL2642d ago

The English trailer released so far sound pretty good

Cereal2642d ago

If Japanese developers stop putting Japanese voices into their games then will end up with terrible voice acting from companies who don't know WTF they're doing. Just look at FF13. That game not only had uninteresting characters but they made it even worse by only having english VAs in the game (outside of Japan). So they ended up being uninteresting AND annoying.

Neckbear2642d ago

Catherine doesn't have Japanese voices, for one.

And, second, what's wrong with giving players choice? I'm personally fond of English dubs first and foremost, but I'm aware other people differ with my opinion; why not give them what they want, as well?

Inception2642d ago

Dude, you don't know shit about japanese VA. Tell me if there's nothing wrong with english VA for Tales of Eternia (Destiny 2 for US) or FF XIII!!!

Also, i rather hear Maaya Sakamoto voice for Lightning rather than Ali Hillis.

killerhog2642d ago

you guys gotta admit sHE working harder/getting better at being a troll lol

*removes your voicebox* i think people are getting tired of your voice acting

also I like Japanese Voice acting for anime (though earlier anime series and a few exceptions have great american VA). I like American VA for obvious things like VIDEO GAMES though

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