Smash Bros. July: It's time for Professor Layton to join the Brawl

vgZero: "Professor Layton is a top-hat-wearing fellow whom made a name for himself by solving puzzles. With the help of his young apprentice, Luke, Professor Layton has been on a number of critically acclaimed adventures on the Nintendo DS. The series has enjoyed a surge in popularity over the years, and we think it's time for the Professor himself to make his debut appearance in the Smash Bros. franchise."

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AEtherbane2638d ago

He seems like a good assist trophy type character.

jamison_20072638d ago

lol i wonder what his moves would be :)

coolman2292636d ago

This would seem like a good idea, but it's not. If you've played any of the Professor Layton games, then you'd know that Layton doesn't like to fight. He only fights when he absolutely must. It just wouldn't fit his personality to have him battling in a Smash Bros. game. I've tried to think of how he could fight, but all I could think of was him saying that a "True gentleman never fights."