New Terraria 1.1 details

Posting on the Terrariaonline forums, developer Redigit has announced that the aim for 1.1 is to add a better sense of world progression as well as end game content for players. Redigit adds that some of the new content will include a new biome, several new ores as well as one new boss.

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MrSpace2335d ago

It always feels that when an update comes for this game that the guy adds alot of stuff in it. No offense to Notch but with Minecraft some updates you don't get that it's like "Oh here you go I've added wolves, that should keep you busy" yeah for like an hour or two. I know it's comparing a 3D game to a 2D game but at the end of the day it all comes down to dedication and I feel that theres a lot of hard work put into Terraria at the minute.

Cheeseknight282335d ago

Just waiting on it to be the daily deal on Steam. I was this close to impulse buying it at $7.49 but I can wait a lil longer.

KillaManiac2335d ago

its a fantastic game....

Worse comes to worse buy it for the discount on the last day of steam sell.

frjoethesecond2335d ago

They should have called this copycraft.

dvfaa2335d ago

lol you've never played the game have you

digitalivan2335d ago

I played it, and the mechanics are a lot simmiral even though it's a 2D game. The game is awesome but it if it wasn't for the huge financial success of Minecraft this game wouldn't exist.

dvfaa2334d ago

I agree completely that without minecraft this game probably wouldn't exist. but to flat out call it a copy of minecraft is just stupid