Could Mobile Games Mean the End of Consoles?

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: "Back in the day when some of you were just a twinkle in your dad’s eye, mobile phones were pretty much the size of house bricks, computers filled a large room, and games consoles were bulky and unattractive. Over the years all of these devices have become smaller and more advanced technology. Games consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation don’t just play games anymore; you can now browse the internet, download music and films, play multiplayer games online with friends from other parts of the world."

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blitz0x2600d ago

Well, since you didn't read the article, I'll fill you in. It speaks as an eventuality, not immediately.

Bigpappy2600d ago

answer is still no!

They do not compete.

blitz0x2600d ago

@bigpappy They don't compete YET. Mobile devices get better and consoles get smaller. Who is to say that eventually there will be no virtual difference? Wireless controllers could connect to a much more mobile device, and even phones can connect to displays as 1080p HD media devices.

Right now, my phone (Motorola Atrix) has a Dual Core nvidia processor, 1g of ram, and an HDMI output. In 5 years, you don't think that technology will significantly advance far enough that this is a valid question? Both devices are computers, and they share more and more similarities day by day.

liveActionLeveler2599d ago

The technology will evolve very far in mobile phones, but it's not like conventional desktop systems and game consoles will freeze, they will also be advancing and will always be farther ahead than a smaller mobile device.

egidem2599d ago

Of course not. Just because the media knows nothing about the hardcore gaming market and only see the casual one because of its size doesn't mean that the console market is dying or will be extinct pretty soon.

As long as people keep on buying the consoles (which they will), no way are they going to suddenly die.

liveActionLeveler2600d ago

This is unbelievable, these articles are just disgusting.

blitz0x2600d ago

How is it disgusting? It's an article that simply shows the increase in popularity of mobile devices and the additional capabilities that have been more recently included.

No, your Vita wont replace your PS3 now, but generations down the line we may instead have a more singular device that combines all features into a single unit.

news4geeks2599d ago

don't worry about the feedback here, it's n4g after all.

VampiricDragon2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

its disgusting because mobile devices have no controls and theres not one original rpg on ios thats as deep as pokemon 1........ or an action adventure as deep as links awakening

TheDivine2599d ago

Well for rpgs there zenonia which is acually like the old zeldas and there ff1-2-3, and tons of other jrpgs. Theres quite a few wrpgs and diablo like games. Its eveolving enough to really take on handhelds but id say 5-10 years before we can hook up phones via hdmi or streaming and play console quality games with a wireless controller. I still love handhelds and will get vita but if my phone had all the 3rd party vita games it would replace it for me. Why carry around a big handheld if my phone runs the same games? You guys have no vision.

agentxk2600d ago

I'll say this: from what the tech shown does, I can see how the wii u could potentially revolutionize console gaming. Will mobile gaming mean the end of consoles? No. Will it force a change? Yeah, most likely.

maskren2600d ago

Dude, there's nothing I'd love more than to be able to Witcher it up on my handheld. @liveActionLeveler: LOL BABBY

AO1JMM2599d ago

Hell no!!!! Mobile gaming is for passing time while at a bus stop or on a long trip or while your dropping a twosy. Mobile gaming replace console gaming!!!? thats just plain retarded.

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The story is too old to be commented.