Is the Wii being left in the Dust?

With the Wii U making its way into stores next year, and the 3DS rising in popularity, it seems as if the Wii is just being left behind. This year’s E3 conference basically sealed this theory when no new titles for the system were announced during the show. Sure, seeing a new trailer for Skyward Sword is nice, and finding out that there will be a new Kirby game coming out this year (after finding out about it online) is good to hear, but that’s a very short list of exclusives for gamers to be excited about.

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jidery2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Typical Nintendo. Release a new console with out any support for the last, and release remakes of old games to help sell the new console. How long will re-releasing an old Zelda title work?

Warprincess1162602d ago

Don't blame Nintendo. Blame the millions of people who keep rebuying them. Stop buying things for the nostalgia. Just let it go.

pepsilover_20072602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

people buy them because they are great games... have u even played any of them...

Dart892602d ago

* Blame the millions of people who keep rebuying them. Stop buying things for the nostalgia. Just let it go.

Yea you should also stop buying that crap called call for noobs:D.

zero_gamer2602d ago

Judging by a recent comment you wrote, you're supportive of SONY's releases of old PS2 games which people buy for the same f***ing purpose. Your soapbox agenda is the same as with the rest of the brainwashed SONY fantards on this site...Bash Nintendo; praise SONY for copying Nintendo. What hypocrisy...

BTW when will SONY release a balance board?

killerhog2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Sorry everyone sorryyyyyyyyy. sHE mustve escaped from the cage i locked HEr in. *pulls on your leash rigorously and drags you back into your cage* also what did i tell you about being a hypocrite?? *kicks your cage* you dont get fed tonight troll.

*sighs...* the pet store told me taking are of a troll would be hard work, but i didnt figure it be this hard. guess i need to dump her back under a bridge if sHE cannot be trained.

insomnium22602d ago


I get what you mean but you can't really compare the amount of effort it needs to upgrade games the way Sony does and to upgrade much older games like Nintendo does.

Additionally didn't Nintendo already rerelease their SMB all-stars and the like this gen. And then they ported tonnes of the old classics on handhelds.

Sony upgrades their classics to much higher standards due to PS3 being a HD-console. And as a way of insult to injury Nintendo charges a full price of 50€ and Sony does not.

The situations are a bit different but I guess you CAN see them similar if you want to. Depends on the context really.

madjedi2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

@zero gamer

"Bash Nintendo; praise SONY for copying Nintendo. What hypocrisy... "

Wii - graphics doesn't matter the gameplay does, your playing the games the exact same way just in hd. Wii u - graphics better than the ps3/360 so people keep mentioning and with only 1 new controller, the others will have to use classic controllers or wii motes.

Wii - online system still born. Wii u - online compable to ps3/360's online. You mentioned hypocrisy earlier correct, care to examine people besides just sony fans.

Go back and look at all the "innovative" features nintendo is credited with inventing. Nintendo took alot previously existing technologies and incorporated them into their devices. Just like any rational business would.

Lets see your defending nintendo and insulting sony fans on a nintendo article, how could nintendo fans possibly disagree with you.

But your brainwashed sony fantards comment is all i need to read really. I can deal with biased gamers, just not ones that delude themselves into believing they aren't biased.

Both war & pepsi have a valid point, but it is dependant on the individual to determine which category a game falls under.

Lay off the bashing you might be an average gamer, but your coming across as that which you just attacked, which is funny.

N4g_null2602d ago

nostalgia is not the reason it's just an excuse made up by fanboys.

Kids to adults love the game play in mario game even when they are in 2d platform setups. You don't see them remaking sunshine?

Also these game are actually challeging and you set you own achievements with out some lame star system.

The aim is sure you beat this game once but are you still as good as you where? I don't remember too many classic Sony games that did this. God war was beat just by mashing, gt stays boring as long as you has you supped up car.

Nintendo fans embrace the games not the hype of it all. Which is why current Sony fans can not understand why so many would buy mario5. It's mostly bought for your kids because it pretty much makes them a hardcore gamer with out online play, which is just spreading the douch bag attitude.

Call of duty is a spam and sniper fest except for the zombie part which is actually the only part that is more of a game.

It's like ff3 coming to the vc. It is actualy a better game than the hd versions. Also note the marios are on the vc yet people wanted the game on a disk. Many people don't trust digital copies yet mp3s can be recorded to make a real disk very easily, along with digital movies also.

Now if you never became good at some of these games then yeah nostalgia is all you would have but we all know if you where not good at games then you aren't really a hardcore gamer which was it's true meaning back in the arcade games. Your a collector. Or a stock owner. Or maybe it's some misguided attempt to make some one grow up. In that case the problem is internal to that person. Notice wii sports beat PAC man in the same age bracket lol.

So I think people should understand what they are bashing if they are going to bash other wise you will get hostility.

It really is sad that many gamers will never play some of the older games even the Sony only games.

N4g_null2602d ago

Madjedi it is called ingenuity. Yet when they creat something brand new to an industry it is call innovation. Arcades, pc, console where and still are different industries. Also innovation only happen in gaming when it works with a game otherwise the innovation can not happen.

Every thing has to work well to make a great gaming experience. That is innovation. Tech of any kind with out the games is only tech. Other wise nvidia would make there own console.

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NESpower2602d ago

When will other companies actually top Nintendo? When will most other companies actually innovate in gameplay instead of copying Nintendo forever and ever? When will noobs wake up and see Nintendo is still #1 and currently still outsells the competition worldwide?

xPhearR3dx2602d ago

lol I bought a wii, and didnt buy a single game for it, i just kept playing wii sports, nothing else was appealing to me.

jacksonmichael2600d ago

I didn't know the elderly knew how to use the internet! Congratulations!

Titanz2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

I wouldn't consider it truly, dead.

"lol I bought a wii, and didnt buy a single game for it, i just kept playing wii sports, nothing else was appealing to me".

Somehow, I find that hard to believe.

AWBrawler2602d ago

Phear must be casual as he'll then lol nothing appealed but Wii sports? Does not compute! Heck I have ps360 games I like

Knushwood Butt2602d ago

Well then, the Gamecube must still be alive and kicking seen as the Wii is backward compatible with that.

Thing is, just like with the Wii, third parties abandoned it and then soon after Nintendo themselves abandoned it. Sound familiar?

Titanz2602d ago

The Wii sold, 87 million+

Gamecube:22 million.

The console is still selling, even though it has "limited 3rd party support".

Knushwood Butt2601d ago

What does that have to do with the Wii U being backward compatible with the Wii?

firemassacre2602d ago

ill buy it just for zelda and mario

skyblue142132602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

LOL at the picture(posted on n4g) of the article.

Seriously though I plan on getting the wii when it drops to $100. I will get super mario galaxy 1 and 2, resident evil umbrella and darkside chronicles, epic mickey, kirby, goldeneye, mad world, and a handful of other games that I cant think of at the moment plus I will install the homebrew channel and an external hdd. I will also get the wii motion plus controller package/combo(I tried the regular wii controllers and they are not that great as far as accuracy is concerned) and and the classic controller pro.

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