Combine Star Wars With Modern Warfare And You Get An Awesome Mod

Ian Fisher writes: A PC mod for COD4: MW, Star Wars: Galactic Warfare is a fan made mod that takes the action of Modern Warfare or at least the base of it and plops it into the world of Star Wars. And by the world of Star Wars I mean the good one that has Stormtroopers and Rebel Commandos instead of that Clone Wars crap that’s being forced down our throats, a good six years after the last mehtacular Star Wars movie was released.

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CoffeewithChess2570d ago

I keep hoping LucasArts will announce a new Republic Commando game, but I'm glad to see fans going this route.

Shackdaddy8362570d ago

I played it. It's extremely fun.

CrimsonEngage2570d ago

Would be a lot better if it were made for a more hardcore game such as BATTLEFIELD where it can take advantage of the amazing sound and destruction.

I wouldn't play this mod just because it's bound to Call of Duty. This mod could look a LOT better if it weren't using such an outdated engine.

jack who2570d ago

i was thinking law suit

Claous2570d ago

Same could be said about the Mechwarrior: Living Legend mod for crysis though, and that's still alive and kicking

hassi942570d ago

It's existed for like 2 years. No profit is made from it so no law suit.


This is actually really awesome but id still prefer to see Battlefront 3 announced.

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