Rumor - Pandora's Tower Coming to Europe in 2012

French gaming site Livegen has reported that the Wii game Pandora's Tower will be released in Europe sometime in 2012.

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Abriael2636d ago

And screw region locked consoles.

Kos-Mos2636d ago

Oh yes. Good to be european Wii owner.

zerocrossing2636d ago

Agreed but our friends in the US got screwed and they deserve them as much as we do.

SpitTake2636d ago

just another mark that proves NOA incompetents going with the refusal to bring Xenoblade, last story. or Pandora tower even though it wouldn't hurt them that much and they is obviously a large market for these games, to leaving day of disaster Europe exclusive, to a huge if not the biggest fuck up in Nintendo history since the virtual boy, leaving Mother 3 for japan only.

Venox20082636d ago

maybe if those JRPGs will sell well in Europe, NOA will consider to release them in NA

UltimateIdiot9112636d ago

That says a lot about their stance on third party titles. Oh well, that's why the Wii in our house is softmod.

Keep it up NOA and the WiiU will be just another console with weak third party support except from shovelwares.