TGL Replay: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

"You know there must be something ominous about a game’s antagonist when the developer sticks his name at the end of their game’s full title. The Nemesis is one of gaming’s most underrated and forgotten classic bad guys. Popping RE3 back into the Playstation over the last few days reminded me that this game isn’t about Raccoon City, isn’t about Jill Valentine or her incredible ability to keep her sweater perfectly tied around her waist amid all the zombie dodging and most certainly is not about the uncontrollable virus that has ravaged a once simple little mountain town. RE3 is about Nemesis, and how you interact with him defines how you play this game."

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SwilloTGL2575d ago

The best Resident Evil IMO

Chinner2575d ago

I got Resi 3 sitting on my desk, been in a RE mood and this makes me want to play it more!

Ironically, I also recently wrote a retrospective for Resident Evil 2! Probably my favourite RE game.

LOGICWINS2574d ago

Agreed. RE3 is not only the scariest RE game ever created..but its the only game I've ever played thats given me nightmares.

Def gunna replay it again soon.

MEGANE2574d ago

no!.. the best one is RE2 bay far and the RE4

Retroplayer2574d ago

Dear lord, the nightmares!

Great read! Brings back memories. :)

SwilloTGL2574d ago

Yeah! Nemesis = Nightmares

pepsilover_20072574d ago

i really need to get this lol

JakemanPS319942574d ago

this is my favorite resident evil game! 2nd place goes to RE 4, 3rd Resident evil remake, then Resident evil 2. i just love resident evil .. i hope capcom makes the next one and not what ther doing Resident evil orc...