Top five biggest gaming leaks

Hours ago, an early version of Gears of War 3 hit the internet for all to download, and is arguably the biggest leak since Half-Life 2. Leaks have been dark-side of the industry, spoiling developer’s efforts and sometimes delaying the game too. Here are five of the biggest leaks the gaming industry has seen.

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callmedom942520d ago

There's never a true Call of Duty "leak", because somehow, it seems like every one of their games are leaked. You know that they plan it

Chinner2520d ago

That is acknowledged in the article, but there is no evidence to prove it shamefully.

jony_dols2520d ago

How about Halo ODST & Alan Wake getting leaked a month before their release dates?

Chinner2520d ago

Agreed. Microsoft is pretty terrible for it, Almost every single Halo game has been leaked before its release!

BlmThug2520d ago

Plus You Already Know Whats It Going To Be Same Graphics, Online, Physics So CoD Getting "Leaked" Isnt Something To Get Excited Over

xVeZx2519d ago

just upload a shaky cam video of mw2 and people will think its mw3 lololol

kevnb2520d ago

almost every console game gets leaked, making this irrelevant.

Miiikeyyy2519d ago

Sony manage to shock gamers

kevnb2519d ago

sony release only a few big titles a year, and most of them have leaked so far including killzone 3 and infamous 2.

Miiikeyyy2519d ago

Sony release Tons of big titles, 2011 is one of the best years for them. Moat of them haven't been leaked - infact, Sony shocked gamers by announcing things like Uncharted 3 and Starhawk (We knew they'd be coming eventually but it was so awesome to actually hear confirmation)

Software_Lover2520d ago

But every game is leaked, even for the ps3 since it was jailbroken. Its just that most gamers dont care about it. But retards that give the leakers front page news on N4G. I will never understand it.

bjh0892520d ago

Deus Ex Human Revolution is leaked right now and contains about 12 hours of gameplay. I'd say thats a big deal when the game isnt coming out for another couple months. It's a beta version of the game and was meant only for review by devs i think.