Team Deathmatch Meant To Attract Kill Death Savy Players In Battlefield 3

More news from Senior Gameplay Designer of Battlefield 3 Alan Kertz, Demize99, regarding game modes in Battlefield 3

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Nate-Dog2635d ago

Good, let's hope they stay there and leave the big boys to the proper objective modes!

I_find_it_funny2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

win/loss ratio matters a lot more for me

lil Titan2635d ago

ever notice that one guy in your squad on BFBC 2 who runs out reckless keeps using 40mm and if they have a mic sounds like a little girl when there a little boy cursing like he's a sailor? mute these people they're coming from COD

ddurand12635d ago

the most important thing is fun...not kdr or win-loss.

people forget that sometimes.

CaptCalvin2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

@ lil Titan
It's what happens when they "streamline for the masses" which is unfortunately full of mentally challenged and lazy people. Even I couldn't help it sometimes, not when everybody else is doing it too. I feel that if the developers DO force your hand a little bit instead of the "play our game your way" BS people would use team work a lot more. I worried little about my K/D in BF2, and I don't even think about it when I was playing the Project Reality mod. BFBC2 is a different story.

Adolf Hitler2635d ago

And it just so happens that winning or getting a lot of kills is also very fun. ;)

StanLee2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

A lot of people don't understand why there is an emphasis placed on K/D in FPSs. For me, when I play Call of Duty or the recent Gears of War 3 beta, players that die often, hurt their team. They're just having fun but they're giving the other team kill streaks, increasing their score and reducing respawn tickets in the case of Gears of War 3. I'm not saying someone with a mediocre K/D does help his team but in a game mode like Team Deathmatch the objective is to die as view times as possible.

Shepherd 2142634d ago

Well, in Halo objective game modes of anywhere from 4v4 to 8v8, its normally a very efficient strategy to keep one or two guys at a distance and focus on killing to defend/capture the objective while the rest of the team tries to take the objective.

Killing has its place in objective too, one role out of several that contributes to successful strategy. Support guys(like the new Support class in BF3 that combines the medic abilities and ammo giving from the old Rifleman class), vehicle busters, vehicle operators, rifleman for distractions and killing, snipers for spotting and airstrikes, etc.

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ChronoJoe2635d ago


Players who want a good KD are actually drawn to OBJ modes as they can go around killing whilst other players are focusing on the obj, it makes it easier.

Elwenil2634d ago

A lot of the people I have talked to on BC2 have stated that they wish BF3 would award zero points, or at least drastically reduced points for losing a objective based mode and I agree with them 100%. It would certainly keep people more focused on defending/attacking the objectives instead of screwing around trying to get kills. I think the guys that take the cake are the fools that will go to an objective in Rush mode and instead of arming the bomb, they will sit there with their ammo pack and C4 getting 50 point bonuses off it instead of arming first. Similarly, I have seen friendly defenders try to blow the Rush objectives with C4, I assume to prolong the match. Idiots.

Phinatic8u2634d ago

I have a high 3 K/D in BO. But I do play the objective and have a lot of fun doing it. My W/L is low, but when your by yourself for the most part, your gonna lose more than you will win.

Players that have a high K/D but don't play the objective can usall be beaten quite easily & when they go against a tem full of strong objective players who can also kill with ease, they get there ass kicked in

ChronoJoe2634d ago

That's beside the point though Phinatic, they can be easily beaten, of course - I mean they aren't actually even going for the objective. But they do not care about the win, only KDR.

SpaceSquirrel2635d ago

People take their Kill Death ratio way too seriously.

pumpactionpimp2635d ago

@ SpaceSquirrel

agreed, I play as a medic quite a bit, therefore my k/d ratio is pretty horrible. But you look at the points i get for reviving and healing my teammates, and you can't argue I'm doing something right.

Silver_Faux2634d ago

Exactly. I mostly play as an engineer and rarely finish lower then 3rd for my team. Yet most of the times my kd ratio is barely over 1. I get sick of snipers sitting back and not rushing objectives like the rest of us.

DaCajun2635d ago

Well they have to have something to brag about in their pathetic lives since most that obsess and brag about it have no life. It's nice and all to know you are doing good at a game but the lengths that some of these kids go to to let everyone know and to brag about it like it is the biggest achievement in their whole life is just truly sad. Probably is their only achievement in life too because if you listen to some of them talk or the blogs they write it seems like they didn't do so well in school.

Heartnet2634d ago

You.. Are one of those people ^^

MerkinMax2634d ago

And I don't expect my K/D to come above 1 for a while (not that I care that much). PC players straight spanked me D:

ATiElite2634d ago

Welcome to the real world son!

Don't give up you'll get better. BC2 PC is fun as hell isn't it. :)

DaCajun2634d ago

Like the other guy said don't give up you will get better once you know the maps and you find a good group to run with. The better you play together with your team, the better you will play.

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bigboss9112635d ago

K/D needs to be wiped from existence. Only thing that matters is Win/Loss. 150 kills and no deaths and you still lose? whats the point???

kaveti66162635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

It proves that the loss was most likely not your fault, barring anything you did toward the end of the match which may have directly resulted in the loss of your team.

K/D ratios, while their importance may be exaggerated to obnoxious extend, provide a succinct and efficient method of judging the performance of a player.

If you had 25 kills and 10 deaths in a TDM up to 50, then you did well. If you had 10 kills and 25 deaths, then you did poorly.

If you're in the middle of a match and you have 5 kills and 0 deaths and the rest of your team is also on a positive K/D ratio then your strategy changes from offensive to cautiously holding a fort.

Spitfire_Riggz2635d ago

It may be a good way to judge a lone performance but in a team oriented game I dont think its important at all (aside from team deathmatch).

A good W/L ratio is more important to me because I would rather have players that may have to sacrifice themselves to C4 a tank or run in to arm an objective rather than stay away and work on not dying.

The only time that would be allowed is if we have someone flank hard and they stay hidden so we can spawn on that person.

bloodybutcher2635d ago

10 kills and 25 deaths?that is so me^^and i don´t give a sh..t,i play for fun of playing.

MidnytRain2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )


I agree; I want a team with players that aren't afraid to die for the sake of winning. You may have a nice k/d ratio, but losing can get old quickly, especially if it's due to selfish or cowardly team mates.


Can you get a little better? Just a tad? If you end up on my team...

Lol, I kid.

bloodybutcher2635d ago

@ MidnytRain if i could,i would :P my gf always kicked my ass in bfbc2 online,she gets nervous when she´s watching me playing online soooo...i don´t see much chance of improvement o_O

CoLD FiRE2635d ago

When I play CTF in Halo I either stay in our base and defend it or go kamizake on the enemy's base so my teamates can get the flag. xD

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Takoulya2635d ago

Well, you could always be playing with your really good friend and get a great W/L even if you suck, but W/L doesn't reflect that. Also, you could be playing great and going for objectives, but it doesn't matter if your teammates suck and get killed all the time. Still, W/L doesn't reflect it at all. That's why I like to view W/L along with K/D to judge a player properly.

Soldierone2635d ago

point being a lot of players SUCK hardcore on games...and being everything but free for all is team based what else do you have to prove yourself?

In COD I constantly have to carry teams, and half the time its their fault I lose. Especially in domination when the team is too stupid to go try and grab another area, or you know run two feet over so we can capture it faster....That simple fact is also why Bad Company turned me away for a while. No one was working together, and it sucks when your team isn't and the other team is.

KwietStorm2635d ago

Completely a matter of perspective, and it's pretty annoying when people complain about people who worry about their KDR. I pay attention to my KDR because I like to know that I'm being efficient. If I'm dying more than I'm killing, I wouldn't feel like I'm helping my team or doing my part to push the enemy back, because I'm not even on the field more often than I would be respawning. That doesn't mean that it's more important than winning the match, but you got all these people proclaiming what's important and what's not. You can't put everyone in the same boat.

theflyindutchman2635d ago

thats cod style.
like in domination, guys that have like 30-1 and still lose. whats the point indeed.

ATiElite2634d ago

I will sacrifice my K/D ratio to win the dam match. I wanna be able to talk trash when the match is over. 23/5 Who cares you FN lost you Looser.

Someone with a 23 to 5 K/D didn't do anything to help their team win. If your doing objectives your gonna get killed end of story.

same could be said for TDM, if you work closely as a team your K/D will all be equal but if your just being Solo your KD might be good but your teammates will be bad and you may loose the match.

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PhantomT14122635d ago

Even in Call of Duty it's frustrating to play objective based modes (that's mostly the case on consoles though) when half of your teammates are running around to only get some kills while you're getting your ass kicked, trying to reach the objectives without proper cover...

saoco2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

well regardless there will always be campers who dont participate. and honestly the explosives is what really bug me about all of these shooters i wish there was one that's just about gun play no camping weapons, no noobtubing or any garbage explosives. just THE MAN AND IT'S GUN!

im still buying this and TWISTED METAL. jesus october and november are gonna make me broke. forget christmas.

edit: undercover noobtube canper i see.

Liquid_Ocelot2635d ago

'Camping weapon' ?

Um.. if I wanted to camp, I could camp even with a knife.. not sure what you mean with the statement above.

Ps: I disagreed, simply because I disagree.