A Look Back: Toy Soldiers (XBLA) Review [Triple Entente Radio]

Daniel Richtmyre – Nowadays, I find the tower defense genre to be incredibly stale. Each new title claims it has the latest and greatest feature that sets it apart from the others, but for the most part they’re all pretty much the same: place units, upgrade existing units, watch enemies pass by, and hope your defense is strong enough to prevent them from reaching point B after spawning from point A. Is Toy Soldiers at all different from any other tower defense game out there? At its uttermost core, Toy Soldiers is pretty much the same as rest of the group. However, Toy Soldiers has much more charm and grace than your average tower defense title, which makes this World War I themed gem hard to put down.

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gameguidedog2605d ago

One of the weaker games in history IMHO.

TheDivine2605d ago

Really? I thought this was one of the best games on xbl. I love tower defense games though. This seemed like a really fresh take on to me. Well different strokes.