Icrontic Review: SAPPHIRE AMD Radeon HD 6950 DiRT 3 Edition

SAPPHIRE set out to make a version of the AMD Radeon HD 6950 that was more than just a reference card with a game bundled in. They achieved that with the DiRT 3 Special Edition 6950.

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AKS2574d ago

Sapphire seems to be one of the most respected car manufaturers right now. I may have to give them a try. I usually go with HIS, EVGA, or XFX personally.

I just recently acquired Dirt 3 and a pair of 6950s. Have to try it out. It's odd that there is such an edition given that I got Dirt 3 for free when I bought a card of a different manufacturer.

kornbeaner2574d ago

Its not called Dirt3 edition cause of the game it comes with. This is a special edition card, similar to the Toxic Edition cards Sapphire releases. This card has a dual fan cooling solution most 6950's only have 1 fan, it has an extra 1gb of its DDR5 ram for 2gbs total opposed to 1gb, than it feature cosmetic changes like color and cover variations. So this really a HD6950 toxic edition with small changes.

Motorola2574d ago

Sapphire manufactured cards really are good. NEVER had any problems with mine.

ATiElite2574d ago

Dam AKS i didn't know Sapphire made Cars. I know i know typo.

Sapphire is AMD's buddy and they make a great product. Good performance and quality. Do you have the 2GB 6950's and if so have you unlocked them to 6970's yet?

AKS2574d ago

Yes, I noticed that typo after I could no longer edit it.