Why Wait? Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon is out Now

RA: "While originally slated for a July 5 release, retailers are beginning to sell copies of Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon today."

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techrave2638d ago

I totally missed this one.

sarshelyam2638d ago

I'll be picking this up tomorrow then. Totally works for me considering this was to be a 4-day weekend for me, now I'll actually have something to keep me busy in the downtime after I wrapped up Alice this afternoon.

Gen0ne2638d ago

This headline is true! I got mine today. I just got through playing it online and it's pretty awesome. If i have a complaint, it would be that it's less cheesy that the 1st one and there's no instruction booklet ( hmm ). But they upped the graphics and just about everything else. I installed mine ( i dunno if it helps ) but the load times between matches online were fast. I hope the PS3 version plays as good as this. Everyone should have great time with this game. Big dumb fun. Oh yeah, choose the jet pack soldier. He's dope.

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