Eric's top 10 games that need sequels []

Ever wonder where the heck your favorite video game heroes ended up after their last adventure? Well, Glitchy Tasty's Eric Dionne sure does!

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bozebo2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

Yes! Lost Odyssey. Wow, a top 10 list that has the same #1 as I think should be at #1 :P Also, we need Rollcage 3 - bloody miles better than wipeout, the only reason they canned it was because wipeout was a more established game so it was easier for them to get quick sales (and now it's gone a bit stale, wipeout had already got to its best).

InspectorG2600d ago

Not in any particular order but I have to say the games i want that need sequels are Legend of the Dragoon, Dino Crisis (a true sequel not what they did to the series), Tomba, Oddworld: Abe oddysse (sorry I didnt like munch, and I never played strangers wrath), Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, XIII... there are many more but I thought these deserved a mention - either provide a sequel or remake them in HD glory.