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First Encounter Assault Recon (F.E.A.R) has been a one of a kind experience through its past iterations, with the absolutely crazy and absurd ending of F.E.A.R 2, can F.E.A.R 3 move the game and the story forward, or is it still stuck in 2005?

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jaredhart2638d ago

Agree with the score. it's good but not great.

femshep2638d ago

yeah, the story was a great wrap up to the series but leaves wiggle room for a 4th game

and the only takes what people like from other games

contractions = cod zombies

and f***ing run is awesome by itself

but i can agree with the score, not everyone is gonna like the game which is just fine..the fanabse it what truly counts

kramun2638d ago

I'd give it an 8 personally. It's better than the 2nd game and in many ways better than than the 1st. What lets it down compared to the original is in its story telling, and also the actual story its telling.

The first game had an excellent plot, and it was drip fed to you in a way that you had to piece it together to get a real idea of what had happened. All the phone messages and various other elements of getting that info were expertly woven into the game. It was up to you ultimately to work out exactly what had happened and why. And although it was repetitive in environments it was very well paced.

Fear 3 is a good sequel, bordering on great for what it does, but the atmosphere is lacking. It also lacks all those great little touches the first game had, the creepy moments of seeing Alma at the corner of your eye, the tension building moments and scares. There are no messages or anything you can interact with that give you some backstory or sense of what has happened in the areas you encounter besides the cutscenes in the game.

In terms of gunplay and fps mechanics, such as the AI and cover system, well, it excels in those departments. It's missing a gun that is as fun to use as the railgun of the first, but it is still more satisfying overall.

It's a very enjoyable game, moreso than the 2nd game but not quite as much as the original. If it had the story telling aspects the first game had it would have surpassed it, but as it is then I would say it's the second best game of the series.

And there's also the co-op angle to the game, which makes it value for money considering you can also go through the game a second time with Fettel in the SP levels once you've
finished them with 'Point Man'.

I'd say it's worth buying.

gameguidedog2638d ago

Good points made and worthwhile writeup. Good read and I concur with the general population that it sucks it's only 8hrs long.