PS3/Xbox 360 to Adopt Cloud Gaming Service? 360 Exclusive Headed to PS3/PC - NGV Episode #44

"This past Tuesday on June 28th, the highly anticipated launch of the Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception online multiplayer beta arrived. While the servers struggled to support the demanding traffic it was hit with at launch, it seems to be up and running better than ever. As the host of Nick's Gaming View, Nick provides his overall impressions on Uncharted 3 up to this point as well as covers what opportunities Naughty Dog is providing to those who actively participated in the Uncharted 3 beta. Not in the beta? Do not have access to the Creepy Crawler Kickback? No problem Throughout the show, there are codes that randomly appear at the bottom portion of the screen that will provide access to both items, so if you are in need, watch now!"

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DJnal052642d ago

I do not see Sony nor Microsoft agreeing to adopt OnLive! That would cause in-house competition

Nick2120042642d ago

I agree, unless they were able to acquire OnLive and offer only titles that are not available to the platform such as PC titles!

DrRichtofen2642d ago

Nick could you please pm me a creepy crawler code I do'nt have access to my email right now. Btw nice video :D

NAGNEWS2642d ago

really? this is so annoying just change it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SilentNegotiator2641d ago

WHY do we suddenly care about cloud gaming/Onlive? It makes a huge reaction delay, they have to turn down the settings to 'ugly' and the video feed is blurry. They charge the full price for most games, yet you don't REALLY own a copy of the game.

And not to mention that it isn't a successful market. Onlive had to cancel the subscription model when they realized that NO ONE wanted to pay for a subscription for the 'privilege' to use their servers AND pay full freaking price for the game.
So what are they doing now? They're running ultra-expensive servers that do ALL of the processing work and only getting paid the price of the game.

Poor quality, poor/flawed market, poor future.
So why are we still discussing this as if it were the future?

Processing demands will continue to increase, making the price of servers cost more. Consoles/PC hardware will still be available for decent prices and then you can tell subscription models and/or laggy gameplay to screw itself.

Seriously, this talk about streaming games is REALLY getting old. It's not going to happen. Not with 'improving connection speeds', not with better (AKA more expensive) servers. Give it up. It's a flawed idea.

NYC_Gamer2642d ago

why would they wanna adopt onlive?the service is poor streaming with lag...

TheDivine2642d ago

Because it will grow into a something huge down the road. Its still young and new but when internet speeds pick up and the hardware is better its a serious threat to consoles. Imagine if charter aquired onlive and added the tech to cable boxes, lots of people would not be buying consoles. Console makers need forsight about what could be a threat a few years from now, thats why ms made the xbox, they saw consoles eventually threatening the pc.

saumer2642d ago

YES! This guy has the right idea.

limewax2642d ago

The world is too far from being able to access the features in large enough numbers. It will take a long time before the world is ready, he has the right thinking in about 20+ years but yeah he does

kevnb2642d ago

consoles will be dead soon, soon we will just game on whatever gadget we prefer.

Surfaced2642d ago

Remind me to group NGV with Hiphopgamer.

2642d ago
killajd2642d ago

I don't see them joining but i do see them doing some kind of service for streaming stuff

clearelite2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

To me, "cloud gaming" is a joke and will always remain a joke. I prefer to have my games on a bluray or at least MY OWN HARD DRIVE.

@disagree, show yourself. No amount of marketing is going to convince me that playing games on someone elses server is even worth considering. Why not just download the game? At best, cloud gaming is another OPTION and will not replace more appropriate means.

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The story is too old to be commented.