The Wii: A Retrospective on the Revolution

"Gamer Limit writes: By the end of the last console generation Nintendo was forced to come to a realization. Through poor sales, it was forced to recognize that it could no longer continue to fight fire with fire.

For all intents and purposes the GameCube, as a piece of hardware, was indistinguishable from the PlayStation 2 and Xbox."

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cherrycreamsauce2602d ago ShowReplies(1)
pepsilover_20072602d ago

it Imo was really good, but it could have been so much better if nintendo would have made better choices with, but they atleast said they learned from there mistakes so im looking forward to wii u

chrisjc2602d ago

Not localizing a few fan favorites isn't a good start.

pepsilover_20072602d ago

yea i know, but honestly i think they might be waiting for a wii u release or something in that nature

Droid Control2601d ago

The Wii's casual pandering hurt the Hardcore, but made Nintendo a lot of money.