Shadows of the Damned Review (Bit-Tech)

Functional, but unexciting, Shadows’ will fill the rainy Sunday mornings of ardent Suda 51 fans, but doesn’t have any specific grounds upon which to recommend it. This game really is just painfully average in every way, and you shouldn't let Garcia’s accent and tattoos deceive you into thinking otherwise.

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mastiffchild2573d ago

Way to miss the point guys. Maybe I'm just a blind Suda/Mikami fan but I thought SotD was a really good game.Flawed but immeasurably more fun than the next ten po-faced FPS or survival horror games that take themselves WAY too seriously. There's a lazy genius in Suda's work where amazing design details ,mash against schoolboy errors(like the sometimes tender moments in this parade of cock gags bashing up against some ageing gameplay you could have never expected a forward thinker to fall for)but the whole ALWAYS seems more than the sum of it's parts-to me at least.

A 50% mark seems amazingly harsh for this game(I'm now on my second playthrough mopping up a few trophies)and I'd be tempted to give it a lot higher(8.5/10 for my money) and would NOT be put off by this kind of review. Sure, the dick gags get a bit much but it's much more tongue in cheek than, say, DNF and is more charming as a result. Hell, hearing Garcia(despite the hackneyed accent our Hispanic gaming brethren may well find patronising-but when do games ever get(my) English accents right?)read the stories and struggle over the odd word and repeating some he ,.likes the sound of for comic effect-just to and for himself-is a telling show of care for Suda's own characters.

In short-I can't agree with such a short tempered review for a game which has PLENTY of variety, plenty of great and inventive game play(alongside a few old mistakes, certainly)and ,esp, plenty of amazing boss fights. The game veers from puzzles , the light/darkness game play device and even evolves into a paper effect 2D shooter at some points. There's also some impressively mad art style and flourishes around the game and, sure, the graphics aren't amazing but that's to add to the grindhouse feel and the whole thing feels like Resi4 meets HOTD Overkill but with added cock jokes.

If reviewers are going to discourage this kind of game when we need more that dare to be different then we, as gamers, need to stand up for ourselves and judge for ourselves a lot more and avoid sites where they can'#t,apparently, see when someone's doing something a little further from the norm. We desperately need people like Suda in the industry and this game, though not his greatest, shows why-the game's fun and if you let it it WILL entertain you and among the gags about winkies there's gameplay for EVERY gamer. good gameplay too. 5/10my arse.

kza2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

50/100 wtf this is a VERY good game.Dont beleave this review at least try it out for yourself!