Modern Warfare 3′s Best New Features

Here is Just Push Start’s list of the best new features to be in Modern Warfare 3 that have been revealed so far. These are certainly features to get excited about.

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VerticalTilt2574d ago

omg two sights :O tasty image!!

NatureOfLogic2573d ago

Does BF3 have dual scopes?

HeavenlySnipes2573d ago

ever ask yourself "Do I really need two fucking scopes on my gun?"

If that kind of stuff is a feature, damn I will have to lower my expectations of MW3

MintBerryCrunch2573d ago

om quickscoping

"To me if someone can hit me with a sniper from the close range they were on MW2 before I manage to kill them with an automatic weapon, well done to them. This is the reason it’s good that the feature is back as the whole community will be able to play and enjoy the game in the way they want."

what a joke

bwazy2573d ago

Funny thing. IRL the Intervention is a 20lb Stationary weapon that requires two people to operate.

Yep a joke indeed.

SixZeroFour2573d ago

dont quote me on this, but im sure its near impractical to go around running with a sniper and shooting it off without it mounted against something irl

spektical2573d ago

lol quickscoping... wow this is a sure sign that it will be the same COD all over again

SixZeroFour2573d ago

the only plus i see so far is that it seems that they are going to attempt to balance a lot of things like perks and killstreaks

arjman2573d ago

Fix it by turning auto aim off for snipers, then the noob quickscopers whose k/d suffers from the lack of auto aim will play the game properly and the skilled quickscopers will adapt.

SixZeroFour2573d ago

are some of these even considered features? (ie more post-release support) let alone even new? (ie quickscoping)

VerticalTilt2573d ago

IW didnt usehot fix in MW2 n quickscoping feature was gimped in Bops

SixZeroFour2573d ago

whether it was fixed or gimped, the point i was trying to make was that it isnt a "new feature" to the CoD series which is what this "article" is supposed to be about...and again, most of the things stated arent even "features"

title would have been better off as "the best things about mw3"

CaptainPunch2573d ago

We better get support for this game!

maxmill2573d ago

If you can use a sniper rifle better at close range than an assault rifle, the game is fucked. Unfortunately thats 99% of shooters now a days -_-

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The story is too old to be commented.