New Challenger: Lies, Mistakes, Money and Video Games

Default Prime columnist Chris Stewart thinks about the situation with Capcom's latest game for the 3DS and its permanent save data. "So one of the big stories this week is Capcom’s rather suspect ‘whoops, we didn’t think about deleting the save data’ charade. There’s been a lot of discussion about what this means for the used sales of the games, resulting in retailers across the world deciding not to buy used copies of the game for resale. Initially, it seems like one of the basics of video games since save games ever existed has been the ability to erase save data and start over whenever the player so desires. Sonic 3 was the first game I can remember playing that had save files, yet even that had the option to delete them. Why, or perhaps HOW is the more appropriate question, has Capcom arrived at a point where they managed to ‘accidentally’ remove the ability to erase data in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D? The way I see it, there are two sides to this argument; either Capcom are a bunch of conniving, lying bastards, or a massive, multi-million dollar company managed to overlook something that has been part of the video gaming landscape for many, many generations now."

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