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Submitted by xyho1 1683d ago | article

Cloud gaming may define the end of PS3, Xbox 360 and Wiis

SIR Games: "Now all you need to do is sign in, no matter where you are, what you are on, and everything will be literally at the reach of your fingertips" (Culture, Industry, OnLive, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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liveActionLeveler  +   1683d ago
Not everyone can experience this lag free just yet. A lot of peoples' internet connections aren't fast enough yet. Plus I don't give a shit about digital cloud gaming, sounds like some weak shit, "cloud." I just want my game box next to the tv.
Joni-Ice  +   1683d ago
I dont think cloud gaming will replace consoles. Its something about having the the actual game at hand I enjoy the most.
StbI990  +   1683d ago
Netfilix > any other movie media...

A videogaming netfilix?...very welcome

Whether of having the physical copy doesn't matter for the masses but a niche amount of people, in 10 years having said physical copy wasted up, while a digital's can be there for the rest of ur life as the system is up to provide such.

Digital > Physical.

Internet speed? matter of time i believe, i would prefer a steam though.
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RankFTW  +   1683d ago
I'll have proper dedicated hardware over this junk any day.
gamingdroid  +   1683d ago
I do agree that digital download/streaming will soon surpass physical format.

That said, gaming has an entirely different set of problems. Services like OnLive has a major obstacle. Consider:

a) a good network has about 50ms round trip for packets. In comparison a game can have as low as 67ms response time i.e. 60fps or 133ms for 30fps.

b) processing the screen to video and sending it is additional time

c) what happens when the service no longer wants to support a game (alas, OnLive plans to support a game for 3-years)

and those are just some of the problems.

Now there is a way around this that would make it possible, but would require the game development to change significantly. It might be possible next generation....
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1683d ago
I agree
Having the actual physical game feels a lot better.

With new tech, response time will be even less of a problem.
KMCROC  +   1683d ago
Sounds cool & all but till my Internet service provider can promise uninterrupted service & the necessary speeds , will continue to own a console & games.
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Inside_out  +   1683d ago
Activision should make their own " cloud "
Activision could make their own " cloud " system like On live, with there own COD franchise and COD elite set up. Bye Bye XBL and PSN or steam. With the sales that Activision has for COD and World of warcraft...why do they need anybody else. EA is tracking towards the same's the future.

Imagine how much money M$ and Sony would lose from customers like Activision and EA. Remember when Activision threatening to not pay Sony the BILLION they give them in royalties unless they dropped the price of the can believe they did and did it fast...good boy Sony.
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BrutallyBlunt  +   1683d ago
This is true Joni-Ice, I also like having the freedom and flexibility that comes along with physical media. I can access it without relying on a connection, lend it, trade it, or even sell it if I so desire.

Pricing will move me to a digital copy (off of a cloud type service) but often times the physical offering can be found for less. The one benefit of digital is it would make it much easier to attain hard to get games or games that local stores have trouble getting or keeping in stock.
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tdogg06051991  +   1683d ago
Cloud Gaming Can win me over
It doesn't have a good base yet. I mean when you look at it you have Netflix which offers you movies streaming and loads of content but Onlive makes you pay full price along with a monthly subscription. Plus what about Motion-play a newly developed technology which is unusable on Onlive. The key is making it easy and convenient but for now I would rather have the physical game disc in my hands.
inveni0  +   1683d ago
I think a Netflix of video games would be great, but I don't think our current internet infrastructure would support it. We're at least another 5-10 years from cloud gaming being enjoyable.
X-DominusRebellis-X  +   1682d ago
This is bullshit. You guys are forgetting the most important thing with this: cost. If Cloud gaming ever came into effect, they will be the price cetters. If they want to charge more for games i.e. $79.99 compared to today's $59.99 for a new game, there will be nothing you can do about it. Don't believe me? Just take a look at some PSN add ons. You can't buy them in stores anymore i.e. Shivering Isles, but it's STILL $19.99 on PSN.

Cloud gaming will only allow the corporations to make you their bitch and charge whatever they want for their service and game. If it is the only way of gaming in the future, then there will be no alternatives such as physical media. Cloud gaming is a stupid idea.
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seinfan  +   1682d ago
The problem with that is, thanks to Comcast, every ISP is eventually going to adopt bandwidth caps. AT&T just did a few months ago. Time Warner has been mentioning it for a few years. I'm sure all others are considering.
bozebo  +   1682d ago

What he said.

There needs to be competition in the retail sector, also - even if digital distributors aren't out to rip you off they still do it by accident because they don't track and update prices appropriately. Also, on Steam a LOT of new launches are CHEAPER if you buy the disk - which then goes on to install itself through steam, so thats the same thing for as low as half the price sometimes (I got GTA4 shortly after launch, steam version on disk, for £7.99 when it was full price on steam digitally).

Also, why the hell is GTA 1 and 2 so damn expensive on Steam right now? You can get them FREE, legally. Yet the steam price is extortion for such an old game. Also, since steam launched the average price of PC games has risen hugely. The same thing would happen to consoles if they forced digital distribution for everything "Want
UC4? That'll be $200 tyvm...".
malamdra  +   1683d ago

just go see the comments on the article about Capcom releasing RE4HD only for download in the west and you'll see how this will never happen
Soldierone  +   1683d ago
I actually have a fast connection. downloaded the Infamous 2 full game trila (15 gigs) in about 5 minutes, 10 tops. Took my friend 20.

These services STILL have lag issues for me though. Its not "terrible" but its noticeably different than just playing off a disc. I can't imagine playing COD on them. You have the lag for just the basic game streaming, then you have lag for online too (no matter what a game lags online to some extension)people would need to adjust really badly.
Peaceful_Jelly  +   1683d ago
you downloaded 15GB's in 5 minutes? 0 _ 0
Takoulya  +   1683d ago
WTF, man. I get about 1Mb per second when downloading off of the PS3...
Miths  +   1683d ago
That sounds somewhat implausible. I'm on a 50 Mbit connection, and at full speed (6 MB/s, though I usually "only" get 2-3 MB/s on PSN downloads) I can download around 3.6 GB in 10 minutes.
So you'll need a rather whopping 200+ Mbit connection to download 15 GB in ten minutes. Never mind the 400+ needed for your initial five minute claim.

Though I guess there may be some countries in Asia and perhaps a few other places where you can in fact get Internet connections faster than 100 Mbit?
Soldierone  +   1683d ago
It wasn't anything longer than 10 minutes...I started it when i was going to do something and it was done before I even got up to go. I didn't time it EXACT so it could be give or take for 10 minutes. No way in hell was it 20 minutes or half hour like my friends, I wouldn't have sat there that long.

We get somewhere in the range of 25MBPS with a "power boost" during off times, which is when I did it. Disagree all you want, it happened so I don't really care lol. I have nothing to "prove."

Fact of the matter is even a high speed connections (and its not just mine, go online and find other complaints) can't handle the streaming services perfectly. They still have kinks to work out.
Sprud  +   1683d ago
That's because bandwidth and latency are two different things. Even if the entire world gets 100/100 broadband tomorrow cloud gaming will still suck because of the latency. Latency is the time it takes for signals to travel from client to server and back to client again. It can never be zero unless client and server is the same machine.
liveActionLeveler  +   1683d ago
That's insane, I would love to have that connection. I'm not lying when I say that 15 gigs would take me about 4 and a half days if I left my PS3 on 24/7!
WANNAGETHIGH  +   1683d ago
@Soldierone Spare me the BS....15gig in 5min!!!!...Pls quit the crap.
nycredude  +   1683d ago
You are so full of it. 25mbps is not THAT fast. My brotherhood has an oc12 connection which is on the backbone of the internet and he don't get 15gig in 10 mins. Also have you any idea how much it cost? In order for this service to work and be successful there is just too my obsticles.

Price, widespread availability, changing peoples mentality.
Just_aarix  +   1682d ago
Took me 2 hours to download a 1gb demo. WTF
kaveti6616  +   1683d ago
It's amusing to hear teenagers and young adults become extremely conservative in the face of changing technology.

It's usually old people who complain about new things. When television was invented the old-timers scoffed and returned to their radios.

When personal computers were commercialized, the spinster secretaries scoffed and returned to their old-fashioned typewriters.

And so it is with this. But now, as technology is moving at an ever faster pace, even the youngsters are voicing their distaste.

"Oh, no. I don't want to store things digitally. I'm happy with my discs."

Get used to it. Once the technology becomes widespread, and for all the naysayers, it WILL, the companies that publish video games will no longer wish to spend the extra money to distribute their products in a physical format. The internet transcends all regions and boundaries. It will cost less money for them to distribute everything digitally.

Discs constrain the medium in one way or another. 50 gigabytes sounds like a lot today, and those who went out any purchased Blu-Ray players think that they have purchased the definitive technology for the rest of their lives.

Cloud gaming is the future. Cloud everything is the future.
JellyJelly  +   1683d ago
I don't get the negativity either. What is it they fear? Not having a bunch of consoles and discs to cuddle with?

That kind of collector minded materialism is something I don't get. I buy all my games original, but what is so special about having a plastic box with a manual you'll never read?

If we could get a console that's 50% hardware driven and 50% cloud processor driven next gen that would be brilliant.

100% would be even better. Sold as a service. That would mean that the hardware could be bleeding edge all the time.

I know it's not possible TODAY but I don't get what would be so bad about it when it becomes possible? Why the hatred/fear?
Awesome-Xanto  +   1683d ago
Hate to break it to you, but not all technology is good technology. The only major befit that cloud gaming or OnLive offers you is the ability to instantly game as soon as your purchase it on old hardware. However there are major disadvantages to this type of service that vastly outweigh that one advantage, and it is these disadvantages that keep retail and digital as better options. Just to name a few, you need near 100% up-time (which rarely happens with online services, take PSN for example), you need a constant and good connection (which not many people actually have right now), and you don't own the product... your renting it.

There has been many technologies that have been invented over the years that have been labeled as the "future", but have failed to stay around... it's naive to think this is any different.


In someways I would say you own digital, well you own it far more than say "streaming"... I can make as many backups of that digital file as I want and effectively keep it and play it for the rest of my life. Even though I still prefer retail.
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TheDivine  +   1683d ago
I agree dd is great and i love it but theres a few problems yet. Ms owns xbl and sony owns psn so if all disks are gone there will be no compitition to drive prices down. Look at the psp go, all games on it cost twice as much as discs. It seems it would be cheaper but really its not. Pcs are great for dd because steam and gog and other game services compete but theres no such compitition on consoles. I also like bieng able to sell or borrow games. Thats a big one there. DD has done wonderful things to pc gaming, indy games, smaller studios whose games are nich. I think xbla/indy games is the best thing to happen to console gaming but were not quite ready for all DD.
Pekka  +   1683d ago
Well, I don't mind having cloud and digital downloads if it works and is significantly less expensive. And by minimum 50% less expensive because digital storing is just renting. You own nothing, you just rent. You can't own something which you can't sell. If game is sold for 60 euros at stores, I could consider "buying" it digitally for 30 euros (then again, most my games only cost max 20 euros, I rarely buy anything at full price). If it cost around the same price then there is no point downloading it.

Of course, naysayers do have a choice. They can just stop buying games. It is easy and have been done before.

Anyway, I want to be able to play games without internet. Game device which can't be played with no connection is just a worthless piece of junk.

Edit: I consider every game in Steam as rental game.
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liveActionLeveler  +   1683d ago
Well it's not really negativity that I don't like. I realize this will be the future, it's just not as near as most people think it is, in my opinion of course. I personally would not give up gaming if it was cloud. The only reason I don't like this is because there are so many articles like this right NOW, when this future is much LATER. It's just getting annoying seeing them now as it's not coming for a while most likely.
lil Titan  +   1683d ago
america is in #15 place as for online super speeds so its not the end for any of these systems and when america is up to par with the other countries i dont know about everyone else but im still gonna want my PS im my room
TBM  +   1683d ago
The minute consoles come to an end I leave gaming for good. Id rather physical media than having my games on some cloud thing.
DeadlyFire  +   1682d ago
Not a chance. I see in PS6/Xbox 5,NES 8 generation it might be possible. Bandwidth is just not there yet.
showtimefolks  +   1682d ago
when i am paying for something i want a physical copy
and when the price is the same whether you buy from steam or a store than why not get a hard cop you can sell back or trade later

but with piracy and middle man being gamestop and other stoes how soon can we expect something like onlive?

i say if the new ps4 will come out in 2015 it can support cloud based gaming online with psn being a strong store to sell all games at launch along with it being connected to steam.

but if any company is doing that the middle man price of 10-15 bucks needs to be dropped of the price at launch games will be 39.99 to 44.99

in next 4-5 years almost everyone who s interested in gaming will have fast enough internet connection to be able to play lag free.

what you think when do you think we will see one of these major console makers to go all cloud and cut the middle man out?
trancefreak  +   1682d ago
this is like trying to get oil companies to stop making gasoline for cars.

I do agree cloud gaming will be relevant 1 day and digital distributions are already an optional source, I'm sure past my lifetime time before this is a serious evolved evolution.

Now another thing nvidia/Amd Ati im sure do not want this along with other chip manufactures like Intel/IBM.

That is and will be the way too goo for the long run.

cloud based system will probably be an optional scenario for some time.
Chug  +   1683d ago
Um, no.
THC CELL  +   1683d ago
people also want to own stuff. and it will never be 100% lag free. i like owning the games and having a library to look at.
Plus what about places like my work i will lose my job cause noone is buying games from stores anymore.

would like to see a halo or kill zone 1000 vs 1000

if cloud gaming starts ms Nintendo and Sony will have to team up. Sony and Nintendo will make the most money as they own more studios. Then again it will be down to the networks

Ms have there own
nintendo and we could even see valve and others
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8bit_Nes_Rambo  +   1683d ago
Good point. People like to own hard copies of stuff they have bought and it will take another generation or two to deviate from that mindset. Also, with the advent of the PSN hacking and other companies being compromised, people might be wary of owning a strictly web based gaming set up.
Sprud  +   1683d ago
According to recent studies most people already prefer music online over CDs. Not saying it is so for games yet, but it might be sooner than we think.

Personally, I prefer owning games digitally as long as I can redownload as many times as I want. Like Steam.
Awesome-Xanto  +   1683d ago
There is a big difference between spending $60 on a game rather than just over a $1 for a song... music just makes more sense being digital. There small files that almost ANYONE with an internet connection can download. Games are large so they can take a while to download and take a lot of space. These make more sense as physical items.

Not to mention using the "cloud" or OnLive, is streaming... so you don't really own anything in that is bought. Big difference between that and downloading anything.
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Sprud  +   1683d ago
I don't get what's so great about having a physical disc. They can get damaged, destroyed or simply go missing. Digital ownership has none of those problems.

That "you don't really own anything" argument is just being paranoid. I'm in no way afraid of losing anything I've bought on Steam. Fact is, I've lost many more physical games than digital games. I've lost zero digital games.
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NotSoSilentBob  +   1683d ago
Cloud gaming will be the death of the industry. You will see prices sky rocket from the console/cloud provider. Witht he demise of retail sales they provider will have 100% say in price and the 599$ of the PS3 will be come the standard for every video console/cloud service. I for one will not be supporting this kind of business.
Alos88  +   1683d ago
Yeah, this isn't going to happen. Cloud gaming- dead end technology imo.
8bit_Nes_Rambo  +   1683d ago
What we might see in the future is a digital divide in regards to cloud gaming. Rich, developed nations with access to sufficient internet speeds (U.S, Japan, South Korea) will be contrasted by poorer, developing nations that would need a console because net speeds aren't up to snuff or simply do not exsist in a practical sense.
maniacmayhem  +   1683d ago
You're right only because your picture and name kicks a$$.
8bit_Nes_Rambo  +   1683d ago
lol! Thanks.
Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1683d ago
actually US is ranked at number 27
Louis_Guzman  +   1683d ago
I think that's why he said "in the future". ~.^
turnerdc  +   1683d ago
I'm an OnLive user and it's an amazing service. I think cloud gaming will be a major player in the future. Possibly one of the greatest advantages of cloud gaming (besides the obvious game anywhere with an internet connection) is the complete obliteration of piracy and cheaters on the platform. Since you never have the actual software and are just streaming a video stream, it is impossible to hack or pirate the software. Also since physical media is completely out of the equation there's no limit to what size a game can be.
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DeadlyFire  +   1682d ago
I don't see it making a dent in the market until 2020 or later.
turnerdc  +   1682d ago
I think it'll happen much sooner. OnLive now has over 50 publishers along with a UK release this Fall and an iOS and Android release too. Not only that but their new algorithm and the plan to release the microconsole in retail stores will make the service much more accesible. I think the next generation of consoles will also use some form of the cloud which will amplify the attention to a purely cloud platform greatly.
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DeadlyFire  +   1681d ago
I know they are aggressive at attempting to be in the market, but will be a very small part of it until wireless hits 5 Mbps, and Home internet hits 10,25-50 Mbps at an affordable rate. In the US that is at least 5-10+ years away. I believe potential to skyrocket after that.

On consoles once its on a console it can allow you to play newer, and newer games without worry of ever needing to buy new hardware until your console dies out. Same with PC. This concept I love. I hate it all being in a box though for PC user. It limits your ability to create levels and use mod tools which equates to more useless priced DLC.
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clearelite  +   1683d ago
Another article giving some BS too much credit and authority. Reminds me of the BS about smartphones killing handhelds. You people are doing a good job swaying the opinions of sheep and nothing more.

Let me clarify. I do not do cloud gaming and the majority ARE NOT INTERESTING in it even with all the ads trying to make people think it is hot.

I WILL BE BUYING A 3DS and an NGP because they will offer the best gaming experience for me.

No articles or bs marketing are going to convince me handhelds or traditional consoles are out of style and therefore sway me in the direction of some gimmicky BS.

Marketing 101 for you guys: Make people think your product is relevant.
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maniacmayhem  +   1683d ago
This could happen but no time soon. This will be a factor when everyone's internet connect is the same everywhere.

There are still places even in the US that still dont have high speed internet.
turnerdc  +   1683d ago
True that but it is becoming much more accessible. The average broadband connection in the US is 3.9 Mbps. OnLive is releasing their new algorithm this fall that will only require a 2 Mbps connection to use the service. It may happen alot sooner than you think.
PJF_Josh  +   1683d ago
Yeah, sure... until Anonymous or some other hacker group gets pissed off at the providers and your ENTIRE game collection is unavailable for a month or two. AT least when the PSN was down I could play all my single player games (except Final Fight Double Impact - F*ck you Capcom)

Not gonna happen. The vast majority of people don't have access (providers or financially) to play this type of lag free gaming. Couple that with monthly bandwidth caps across most of the world and it's quite obvious that without major changes across a number of social groups and businesses, this isn't going to happen.
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Foxgod  +   1683d ago
As soon as cloud gaming becomes big (if ever), theres will be MS cloud services, sony cloud services and nintendo cloud services with exclusive games.

If you would decide to go with nintendo youl still get a small piece of equipment with the big N logo on it, and exclusive access to mario and zelda games.

People are pretty shortsighted to think that the current players wouldnt take advantage of cloud services.

One reason that sony, MS and nintendo would beat onlive at cloud services, and that is exclusive franchises!
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femshep  +   1683d ago
keeping all your saves on the internet is stupid....what happens when an attack like the psn happens again then you won't have your save.....what if everything was dlc and the internet fails us?

people are stupid for putting to much trust into technology, and wonder why in every doomsday scenario that people riot and fight and freak out and have no way of surviving....because not enough people learn how to live with out technology

yeah i love games and movies and my computer but i easily give everything up and not worry about my email and facebook
_LarZen_  +   1683d ago
Cloud gaming would be great, but there is a insane amount of computer power needed to run these gigantic servers. We are talking INSANE big!

And it has to be around the world all over becaus of lattency...and what about the poor people that dont have fast ISP?

Cloud gaming wil be a alternative only I think...nothing that wil take over hardware in our homes for many years.
Bell Boy  +   1683d ago
The recent hack of PSN ensures I will never put all my eggs in 1 basket and go for only cloud gaming...if the industry goes that way I reckon I would drastically cut down on gaming..

I would probably stock up on consoles that can play real in your hand disks and become a retro gamer...playing the old titles like Uncharted
_LarZen_  +   1683d ago
Wel most PC gamers get all their games from Steam and that is working far anyways?
kamakaz3md  +   1683d ago
yea but thats downloading the games onto ur hard drive then playing them via a file. Cloud is streaming them right from the internet... like youtube for example, which theres always a slow connection, but i have 1mbps net, so thats no good lol
sayonara89  +   1683d ago
kamakaz3md  +   1683d ago
cloud gaming wont be lag free atleast for years, or unless everyone has like a 30mbps connection.
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DNAbro  +   1683d ago
don't you need a delivery service for this crap anyway?
kamakaz3md  +   1683d ago
? what u mean... its like ONlive... u stream games, like u stream a youtube vid
Grimhammer00  +   1683d ago
I read a few comments and I can't believe that no one has mentioned the obvious! No connection = no game!

Outages, hacks, and a rocketing provider costs will keep cloud gaming from mass consumption. And the lag of course.
DanSolo  +   1683d ago
IF it ever happens.... it won't be for at least another 2 console generations yet.....

But to be honest, although it's likely we will see SOME cloud gaming.... There will likely always be a need for hardware as technology improves.
Like just as a really quick and not very well thought out example.... it's like today's type of games could be implemented in a cloud type way, but then there would be some other advancement like holographic projections or virtual reality or something that it wasn't viable to do that with.... plus you would need to have all the internet connections EVERYWHERE nice, fast and reliable (still a fair way off).

Basically there will be cloud gaming, but I think the chances of it replacing what we have is not high. It will likely be something that we ALSO have.

But hey.... it's not like I am an expert on it... so who knows.... or cares really.... if it was a replacement you can be sure it would have to be as good or better to sell!
Just_aarix  +   1682d ago
We should start slow. Flash games are a perfect example of this.
coryok  +   1683d ago
not gonna happen anytime soon, and even if it did consoles wouldnt go away.

most places in the world dont have enough bandwidth for cloud gaming and many that do have the bandwidth have a cap on their usage.

were going to need a lot better infrastructure if cloud gaming is going to happen. even when it does though, there will still be consoles being sold, they'll just be a lot cheaper or have many more features
VampiricDragon  +   1683d ago
why in the hell would 1 person welcome this?

the end to owning games is over, its all just rental if this goes through
a_bro  +   1683d ago
tell that to AT&T, since they're capping bandwidth.

seriously, do people ever analyze whats going on in the real world these days?
Allowen  +   1683d ago
I am happy with this backup save file for my PS3 named Cloud.
I expect no less then to be able to continue to use this feature on the PS4 but instead of 150 megas what about 1Giga .

lets say, 5 years from now I want to remember the good old days when fighting the last boss in a Xgame I played on my Ps3... with CLOUD I could easily play this save again on the PS4.

The "CLOUD"system that Steam uses I dislike it because it does not make a backup of my game's save files but only the set up control configuration for each game.LOL
<ost of us we end getting used to use a,s,w,d keys while playing a PC game anyways.
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DoctorXpro  +   1683d ago
Think about a cloud, alone cloud, floating, changing, light, cool air, blowing on the cloud.
MultipleAccountTroll   1683d ago | Spam
Awesome-Xanto  +   1683d ago
Why the hell would anyone pay full price on OnLive for a game that they can only own while its on there servers, if your read the fine print... they tell you they may only keep the game on there servers up to a couple of years. So you are paying full price for a game that you don't really own, and at some point you will lose the ability to play your favorite game. This is a glorified rental service, and nothing more... it will only appeal to those type of people. Digital or retail are far better options.

There is a big difference in paying a set monthly price for Netflix, compared to paying for this...

EDIT: These people that write these articles are idiots, plain and simple... don't give into the BS!!!
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Jocosta  +   1683d ago
Cloud gaming will be viable when they can match the speed we see playing offline, from a Blu ray, DVD or HDD, until then no.
NLGSean  +   1683d ago
Never going to happen. People like to "own" copies of their game... Especially if they can trade them in for other games. It would also spell the end to places like GameStop... which is not going to happen. You can't trade in a cloud game.
pcz  +   1683d ago
hell no
its bad enough in the physical media age where you dont feel like you actually own the things you own.

this cloud gaming/storage only makes it even more clear we never actually own the things we buy.

in short- its a fucking con
crazyclown  +   1683d ago
bandwidth caps says it all
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