Capcom says no plans for Resi 5 Gold Edition or DLC for PC

Capcom has confirmed that PC gamers will miss out on downloadable content for Resident Evil 5 on PC.

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ScubaSteve12517d ago

small clap for capcom, way to go for killing your fans

Leonesaurus2517d ago

Wow, what a bunch of assholes. Lucky them I have RE 5 for my PS3, 360 and PC but still.... they're fucking dicks for not adding the DLC episodes and Mercenaries characters over for PC users... Now they have to spend more money and buy both.

cdland2517d ago

No, Capcom doesn't need us... lol. Their profits are down and they have cancelled games... and that's how you do business. wow hope it works out for them. See ya... lol. Ubi can stuff it too... lol.

Theo11302517d ago

Who cares, RE sucks anyways.

2517d ago
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