Uncharted 3 Beta vs. Gears of War 3 Beta - Which is Better? (StrengthGamer)

Anthony Accinelli writes, "When it came to playing the Gears of War 3 beta, I found myself constantly feeling like I was playing the same game as before. Large shoulders, tight pants, and a severe case of "over-compensation" plagued my gameplay experience."

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omi25p2636d ago

ive played both and so far i enjoyed gears of war 3 more, But uncharted 3 co-op adventure mode could change that.

Joni-Ice2636d ago

Thats crazy cause I like the UC3 Beta more. I just hope both games are ready for launch.

RayRay362636d ago

I think the Uncharted multiplayer is decent at best. It seems too average. If every map was as cinematic as the beginning of Airstrip, then they'd have something. As long as they push out a GOTY story, Im happy. It seems like November is snalin along

Washington-Capitals2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

What do you really expect from a flamebait article submitted to a website like N4G where ps3 seems to be the dominate console of ownership?

firemassacre2636d ago

uncharted 3 was better, it was a homerun

Hoje03082636d ago

How is that crazy? I like Uncharted more than Gears, but I don't think that the opinions of others are invalid if they contradict my own.

Active Reload2636d ago

People are retarded if they disagree with someone else's preference, lol. The only reason you should disagree in that type of situation is if they say their preference is better than your preference.

No Way2636d ago

lmao, how is that crazy that he preferred the Gears of War 3 beta?
So, just cause you like UC3 beta better, means that's the 'right' choice?

You are crazy.

Biggest2636d ago

It has more to do with the person he was responding to. I would have said "THAT'S CRAZY!!! s/" because it's omi25p. If he said that he liked ANYTHING on the PS3 more is when it would seriously get crazy.

-Alpha2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Looking at it as objectively as possible (haven't played Gears):

Biggest difference I see is that Gears 3 has dedicated servers and Uncharted does not. This is a huge plus for Gears as things like melee as severely affected by internet connection in Uncharted (double melee deaths are annoying)

Adventure co-op on Uncharted is built around co-op, while Gears' co-op seems built around the story with co-op added (unless Gears had an adventure co-op)

Both have some sort of co-op mode where you play as the bad guys (Hunter Mode in UC3 and Beast Mode in Gears I think)

The graphics look better in Gears from what I see-- texture and lighting especially though UC3 has some nice dynamics like the cargo plain sequence. Uncharted 3's beta has a ton of bugs, not sure about Gears. Too much freezing and some really weird glitches, something the UC2 beta did not have (which I remember to be a lot more polished). (I know I'll get disagrees for saying Gears looks better, hence the link)

Inside_out2636d ago Show
-Alpha2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )


How is UC MP average? Just curious. It's very unique in that the game is centered around traversing and using cover. It's like Halo in that you have to have map control in order to win.

It fits smoothly into the series and is incredibly natural. The supported modes and uniqueness of modes like Plunder are a blast to play. It may not have had a huge following, but it was an absolutely unique experience

@Inside Out

Arcade guns? What? Just because Gears is more visceral doesn't make Uncharted bad. Two completely different experiences, you have no right to claim UC is inferior because it's less gory or not as gritty. All you're doing is listing things Gears has and UC doesn't and claiming it makes Gears better. I can do the same for Uncharted. Admittedly the beta is buggy, PS3 hard resets every time I quit but the game itself is incredible. Have you even played it?

Only fanboy I see here is you.

AAACE52636d ago

I liked them both, so it doesn't matter which one is better!

pixelsword2636d ago

The one I like better is better.

The one you like better is better.


Boody-Bandit2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Single player Uncharted usually has a much better story than Gears. Multiplayer they are both decent. Graphically Uncharted is a step ahead.

Peaceful_Jelly2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

I have played a bit of the first GeoW and it felt like I was playing with a tank, or a robot while UC is more agile. Then you add the aspect of verticality, plus, the charm of the story and characters and in my opinion:

UC series > GeoW. Even when it comes to MP. The fact that you can climb/jump and stuff it instantly makes it the better game to me due to its versatility and variable approach.

MaxXAttaxX2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

2. I like the lighting, 3D volumetric special effects among other things on UC3.
3. I also like the moving/cinematic stages representative of UC's single-player experience.
4. The fluid gameplay.
So much fun :P

Can't wait for even more cinematic maps in the full game! And the story/single-player will be incredible as ever.

Dedicated servers sound good, but really, they have an equal amount of lag.
Both good games, even though they're very DIFFERENT.

MaxXAttaxX2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Let me elaborate on their differences.

Gears is built around multiplayer gameplay.
Uncharted is built around single-player gameplay.

There are several gameplay elements in UC that don't exist in Gears(climbing, platforming).
Gears is a more straight forward run, cover, shoot.

System resetting is common with real Betas.
And motion blur is obviously much more exaggerated in Gears.
If you get a close look at the shaved head of the 'treasure hunter' in UC3, you'll notice sharp detail. I don't know why it's so blurry in those screenshots.
Flaws are less noticeable when colors are desaturated and blend(from a photographic point of view lol).

kingdoms2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

360 games have high end social gameplay design that has gameplay replay value gamers value LOL. Solid gameplay mechanics first, is the reason hardcore gamers love the 360 with solid online.

Back to beer, friends, food and fireworks

God I want forza bad

Fun first everything else second

AngryTypingGuy2635d ago

How about this: if you own their respective consoles, then both games are a must-have. Fortunately I will be getting both. I'm still new to the PS3 world though, so I still have to play UC2 before I get 3.

JellyJelly2635d ago

@NathanExplosion - U jelly?

NewMonday2635d ago

while both games are 3rd person shooters, gameplay wise they are different.

what makes GoW stand out from other MP games is violent kills and Sci-Fi weapons like underground homing bomb.

in the other hand in U3 the weapons are the means not the end, it will be about the buddy system agility, traversing the map knowing the tricks and rules.


from the screens you posted GOW dose have better character models, but i don't think U3 models are final.

but U3 has way better backgrounds and environments GoW has some heavy textures bet bland colors.

ChrisW2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Which is Better? Pong.

showtimefolks2635d ago

it wasn't always like this i remember not that long ago xbox360 was running this site

i am a gamer but i been here long enough to know what happend. when ps3 launched every single day there were article about sony doom or ps3 doom or ps3 has no games

so the way i put it is what goes around comes around.

and i havnt played neither of betas i will get the games when they launch but invisible walls and epic battle cry podcast said that UC3 beta was almost like a complete online game and the modes with co-op will change every wekk so its something fresh each week.

most of the media is giving a lot of credit and hype to UC3 hopefully changes that needed to happen will take place before both games launch and who cares which beta is better

enjoy it help the dsv in figuring out what needs to change and improve

Heartnet2635d ago

Dunno why peopel are going crazy of Disagrees then later saying How can u disagree its my Opinon..

Maybe just Maybe some1 does not agree with ur opinion and has a different opinion.. there not gonna click the agree buttong people!

RedDead2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )


I agree that UN will have a beter Single player, and that Uncharted has a few more Gameplay elements overall, but Gears has the run cover system perfected and smooth as can be, in that aspect it's better than Uncharted, but again Uncharted also has climbing. Gears is more teamwork based again though, being able to pick each other up for example, it makes you want to be near someone always.

I love the U3 beta, I haven't played Gears one, from what i've heard Gears is a huge improvement over 2, I owuld say it will be Uncharted for Single and Gears for Multi.

Also graphics wise, from what i've seen, Beta goes to Gears 3, Single player goes to U3.

Hisiru2635d ago

Well, it's a matter of taste. As much as people want to compare both games (because both games are TPS), it's not the same experience. You will have more shot and action sequences in Gears of War 3 and more puzzles and climbing in Uncharted 3.

I will probably love both games.

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ASTAROTH2636d ago

Its really a matter of prefferences I believe. To me I really preffer Uncharted because its more fluid but again some may preffer Gears. . . anyway the most important thing to me is single player campaing and I will be playing and enjoying both games...just me.

-Alpha2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Yeah but the majority of people haven't played both and it's clear that they will just praise whatever product is on their console

CommonSense2636d ago

sorry alpha...that's only clear if you're a one console clown. i own both, like both, like gears better. i'll be buying both games, but a year from now, it's likely i (along with 90% of the UC3 early adopters) will have forgotten all about UC multiplayer. however, i'll probably be playing gears 3 til this generation of hardware is last-gen. and this is coming from a guy who played way WAY more uncharted 2 MP than Gears 2 MP. gears 3 beta was simply a blast. and the weapons and maps already felt perfectly balanced. i miss it :(

NoOoB1012636d ago

@ commonsense
I actually disliked the gears beta. I experienced lag in a few games but that should be fixed for release. Not to mention the shotguns still rule everything in that game unfortunately. There would be one guy rolling and shotgunning and could take down the entire team. Very frustrating. It was fun though at times but i just couldn't get into it. The maps were very small it pretty much 1 to 2 ways to get to the other side. Also to say 90% of people playing UC3 will be gone is just offense.
I will say though Iv had some troubles with UC3 beta though. the menu screen was pretty laggy and clunky at has improved though. As for the graphics..Gears was pretty good in that department I must say. UC3 was good as well, both have different art styles so its hard to say..but as of now im going with gears 3 in MP. not sure about Sp yet.

lucifon2636d ago

Gears feels like a significant improvement after the mess of 2. I had an absolute blast with it.

UC3 however has been a disappointment for me, it doesn't feel like much of a step up at all. The meta-game elements such as customisation are definitely improved, but the game itself has the exact same bad points of 2 which have been left untouched.

I'm not fussed though, I'll buy UC3 for the singleplayer alone which even if it is more of the same will no doubt be fantastic. But I'll be buying Gears for both.

cooperdnizzle2636d ago

Gears of war single player is like the worst game ever. Good multiplayer but horrible story and horrible voice acting. And the last boss on the second won was like hey hold down this button. If you think gears of war is good or anywhere near uncharted you need to have your head checked. And i love gears of war... For its online no way in hell anyone could argue that it has a good single player. Boring as hell, Not to mention everything i said. Just a really bad single player. NO JOKE. "

TKCMuzzer2636d ago

To be fair, Gears out of the two always had more room for improvement. I loved Gears one but was left let down with the second.

The power plays in U3 change the game and the way it's played through the map. It's a bit like Killzone's warzone, the changing styles are something I prefer as it's variation improves the matches no end.
To go from standard team deathmatch to all of a sudden defending one player changes everyone's focus and helps add a welcome dynamic to the multiplayer.

candystop2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

LMAO...GEOW single player was not that bad just not that great. The music was rocking but that can all be fixed in part 3. Believe it or not many Gears fans buy it for the single player.

newhumanbreed2636d ago

Lets take into consideration that Gears is built on multiplayer, while Uncharted is built on single player. Obviously Gears multiplayer will be a lot more polished than Uncharted, and vice versa.

I enjoyed Gears 3 beta a lot. Although I love the Uncharted series, I enjoy the single player a lot more than the multiplayer.

CommonSense2636d ago

really? you think I should have my head checked if didn't think the cliche story, characters, and one-liners from Uncharted weren't very good? sorry, i don't agree with you at all. uncharted 2 is fun, i enjoyed it, but it's not at all original or memorable.

i think people that still think these live-action disney stories are something special should "have their heads examined."

it's quite possibly the most overrated franchise of this generation.

but it's like Yahtzee said. " if you feed humanity flavourless wallpaper paste for decades then you shouldn't be surprised if that's all they want to eat now." which is a brilliant way of putting it. most people are so dumbed down by the mundane, averageness of tv, movies, music, and games, that games like uncharted get hoisted up on their shoulders for doing EXACTLY what we've already seen dozens of times before.

uncharted 2 is a worthy experience, but it's nothing special and not a great game.

Manberg9002636d ago

I have to disagree. UC3 beta has improved the damage system greatly and I hope they keep it as is. It's perfect right now. They also eliminated corner shooting and lag kills, which plagued UC2 as you'd die while behind cover.

They also added the ability to join mid-game which eliminates the problem of quitting. And another thing that eliminates quitting or at least helps, are the powerplays (although they HAVE to get rid of that half health powerplay. It's essentially a cheap way of handing noobs easy kills).

Another improvement is the sprint option. Now I don't feel like a snail. Lastly, spawn system is totally revamped and 1000 times better, especially the buddy system. Now, I don't spawn and get shot in the back. I can see my buddy and spawn when it's safe, or choose to spawn away from the action.

All these things make UC3 MP better than U2. It may not be as polished but that's kinda the point of a Beta.

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I dont know about u guys but ive not been able to get into a game in uncharted 3..It just says finding player but no player ever comes..Ive only played one game... :(

What is wrong...Can some one help me?


cemelc2636d ago

If your trying to play three team deathmatch or free for all is going to take a while, try hardcore or team deathmatch youll find one in 5 secs.

HeavenlySnipes2636d ago

TDM is ALWAYS full. It takes like 10 seconds to get a full lobby in TDM matchmaking.

For me, the beta used to have problems just starting up. Try deleting all the game data utility/game save data for the beta (not like you can keep them for the full game) and try again.

Redempteur2636d ago

TDM isn not always full i've been playing the beta since the start of it and i never got prob finiding a match ..

Just_aarix2635d ago

Trust if there's a problem and you don't hear about it the day after, it's your connection. :P try unplugging your router always works for me

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omi25p2636d ago

You havent even played gears of war 3, Ive just looked through your comments, your just a troll.

Heartnet2635d ago


He is the best player so... i think he knows more..

and by his comment history you know what games he plays haha

but yeh 1 bubble = TROLL!

subtenko2636d ago

Uncharted 3! FTW, NaughtyDog yall are awesome! :D This makes me so proud to be a gamer ^_^

We've come a long way. I started back in 1995 <3 and it was in the 90's! Good times

keith-ps32636d ago

i started in 89 i feel old

DoctorXpro2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

"Uncharted 3! FTW, NaughtyDog yall are awesome! :D This makes me so proud to be a gamer ^_^"

the only reason you say that is because they are PS3 only, because if they move to the 360 side you will be crying just like you did when Insomniac Games move to multiplats...

subtenko2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

wtf.... i said we've come a long way in gaming and from ps1.... you xbox fanboys are a can you disagree with an obvious a true statement?

to even it out, bungie has come a long way!! but this article is about naughtydog's uncharted3.

good gosh..

(edit) I guess the disagrees are trolls, biased fanboys or kids who know nothing about gaming history. like I said, im proud to be a gamer...

iamtehpwn2636d ago

Maybe it's just me, but Uncharted has always been a better shooter to me because Nathan Drake is one of the best characters control, ever. His liquid smooth animations and ability to climb almost anything that looks climbable enhances the gameplay experience by a lot.

CommonSense2636d ago

uh, except that he can't climb almost anything that looks climbable. he has to climb very specific spots that were placed by the programmers...not saying if this is a good or bad thing...but it's nothing like how you describe. what you are describing is more like assassin's creed.

Bonobo123452635d ago


Actually from what I've played of the beta so far it seems the climbing has a lot less restrictions, In U2 it was specific, but for example in chateau I can grab anywhere up the side of the high stairs. And on hanger I can climb on places I didn't think I could.

Of coarse its still a step behind assassins creed but it's far closer to free climbing than the last game..

as for which is better of U3 and Gears3 I'll wait until release to decide since judging from a beta is -although relevant- not quite indicative of the final product

I'm sure they will both be AAA games

mastiffchild2636d ago

They're both good and both VERY different. Why are we always beset with articles asking us to compare grapefruit to lychees to see which make the best bicycles? It makes all gamers seem dim. Like all the GOTY awards we have and IGN's DAFT list of the 100 "best" modern games-what the F does that even mean? It's al mere opinion with zero purpose and less need. Sod it all.

Zydake2636d ago

I agree Omi the Gears beta i found more entertaining. Uncharted 3 was fun but not as fun as Gears but my opinion might change when they open up more game modes other than killing people .

NanoSoldier2635d ago

Gears 3 will be the better experience in the end for me. Graphics and Gameplay of Gears 3 are amazing and it looks to be the best Gears yet.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2635d ago

...Now we're comparing betas from two different games now?! This console war is retarded, seriously.

Brash_Attack2635d ago

I agree. I enjoyed the Gears of War 3 beta more.

Mottsy2635d ago

lol @ N4G . you guys try to stay calm and collect until a article like this pops up then its like guns blazing!!

Gray-Fox-Type02635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

no contest here, Gears Of War 3. I am a Uncharted fan too.

Uncharted = Campaign Win

Gears = Multiplayer Win

Uncharted multiplayer is just a standard average ordeal. Nothing special.

It's very annoying for those which haven't played both and speaking from what they have seen.....

Gray-Fox-Type02635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Graphics in Uncharted 3 beta was a tad bit dissapointing but I expect the campaign and full version to blow people again once again. I went to the cinema mode and studied the environments zooming in , ( airship level you can zoom out much as you want seeing the whole map the developer doesnt want you to see) player models and environments don't look that great , look at the trees and grass on chateu..Gears 3 am afraid graphics look better from what we seen and vegetation.

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MaximusPrime2636d ago

I played just Uncharted 3 beta because I do not own xbox 360.
I cannot compare the two betas.

I like UC3 beta. Few bugs obviously but gameplays not bad. I think coop mode should be worked on.

AvidGamerrrr2636d ago

Yeah that's why it's a beta :)

-Alpha2636d ago

At least your honest, Maximus

MaximusPrime2636d ago

Yep but disagree fairies dont believe me. Nevermind

DrRichtofen2636d ago

I played both and yeah they're pretty different. Both had good betas.

pr0digyZA2636d ago

Played both and enjoyed both and thats all that matters to me. Picking them up day 1.