Capcom explains western digi-release for Resident Evil Survival Selection

Capcom is hoping that opting for digital releases of both Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X will lower the entry point for consumers.

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WhiteLightning2424d ago we have to download it.

Urgh, I hate downloading things, especialy a big looking file like RE4/CVX. I think your going to see Capcom that it's not going to "reach" more people because...

1) People don't like to waste space on their 360/PS3
2) People don't like downloading big files
3) People don't like downloading all together
4) People don't have enough free space for it

I think there only doing it because their going to beneift doing it as a digital release some way. I was going to get to this but thanks Capcom you've made my mind up for me.

Alos882424d ago

They're doing it to lower the price.

dgonza402424d ago

how much could it really cost?
i'd prefer physical media and pay a little more.

StanSmith2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

They're doing it for other reasons. Where the hell they thought they could charge £35 ($50) for these two old games on disc i'll never know. I paid a maximum of £20 ($40) for the other HD collections that i own.

Now they're digital only, they'll be lucky to get £7.99 per game out of me. Once again Capcom prove how out of touch they are!

Also, how do they work out that by having digital releases they'll reach more people? Not everyone has their consoles signed up to Live and PSN.

gamingdroid2423d ago

In other words, they are ripping of Japanese consumers. Well, it is a free market! ...sort of.

I used to frown upon digital, because it kills almost any real competition on the same game i.e. retailer discounts or even clearance, but I have gotten so used to it that I almost prefer it. No disc to loose or scratch, but I can't lend it to a friend either.


I believe the price points give them a wider reach. Also, the game will stand on the "digital" shelf longer and be more accessible to immediate purchase.

Nodoze2424d ago

Wow is Capcom out of touch this generation. First, NOBODY would pay 50 dollars for two older updated releases. 39.99 is about the max the market will support. Consider that people can pickup Res Evil4 for Wii for around 10 bux. Granted it is not in HD, but that is not the point.

I would have bought this in a download I am not interested. ESPECIALLY with what I know will be an inflated asking price.

Capcom F's up another release. Great going guys.

StanSmith2423d ago

I bet there will be an inflated price plus DRM attached where you will be only able to play them when signed into a PSN or Live account.

Unless they are really cheap then i'll stick to my Wii copy of Resi 4. Perhaps it'll look better on WiiU too.

trainsinrdr2424d ago

So no retail release? ah well sure what can ye do

paradigmfellow2423d ago

Import the Japanese version and not buy the western version to send a message.

malamdra2424d ago (Edited 2424d ago )

the hell with this, I'll import the asian version if it has english

on the other hand I have no interest in Code Veronica, so if I can buy RE4 only for less then it might be OK, also the file should be around 4 gb, not that big

GamersXTREME2424d ago

I'm right there with you...I hate not having an actual box for my games...

hiptanaka2424d ago

Does this version only have one save, too?

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The story is too old to be commented.