Capcom says next Resident Evil is "Ambitious", Raccoon City Demo unconfirmed

Resident Evil 6 is ambitious says Capcom US SVP Christian Svensson who told fans not to expect any news on the sequel too soon.

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phinch2641d ago

Frankley i have lost all hope in another decent survival horror from capcom, Why they Don't just go back to their roots i dont know, the perfect formular is right there we don't need reboots

fossilfern2641d ago

I agree and the controls never really bothered me with the other games but times have changed. They have a great engine but RE5 was just a strait out action game no horror at all! Just bring the horror back capcom!

captain-obvious2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

RE4 and 5 both sucked
i think 2 and 3 are the best

outbreak 1 and file 2 were nice but not the best
but in my book outbreak games > RE4 and 5

@ below
it sucked as a RE game
when i played 3 which was GREAT
i expected much more than the next one in the main series

but then again we had new cam mechanics that made it feel like a 3rd person shooter
and the enemies don't feel like zombies
they are like Mexican farmers or what ever they are

it just feels different when you are about to run out of bullets and some zombie is limping towards you wanting to eat your brain

not some Spanish dude running towards you with a shovel

and those cult ppl that wears skulls on their head and what so not
creepy yah but not what you expect from a RE game

and some of the things made me like WTF
you got some strange guy selling you things which IMO make thing TOO easy
and some midget that hates you and want you dead

i preferred nemesis whit his infamous "stars" line

which brings me to my other point
which is boss fights
just too damn easy

i want a surviving horror game
not a 3RD person shooting game where you kill angry Mexican farmers and some extreme dark cult

dont get me wrong game was great
but i would love it better if it had another name
but resident evil
that still make me shit my pants

I_find_it_funny2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )


LOL WHAT? RE4 sucked?

it took different approach, changed the gameplay, wasn't real RE but as a standalone game it was top notch. Excellent game.

Mr Tretton2641d ago

"they are like Mexican farmers or what ever they are"

"not some Spanish dude running towards you with a shovel"

"not a 3RD person shooting game where you kill angry Mexican farmers"


MysticStrummer2641d ago

I agree with captain-obvious. I played RE4 for free and didn't like it enough to play it for very long, and that's after playing all the previous games in the series multiple times each. The demo for RE5 turned me off so much that I only played one part of the two part demo before deleting it. It wasn't because I found it hard either. I made it past the crazy villagers on the first try, even with the horrible controls. For me, the series peaked at RE2 and took a step sideways with RE3, before dropping completely off my gaming radar with RE4 and RE5.

ClaveroRulz2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )


Get your sh*tty xenophobic and ignorant comment outta here

Mr Tretton2640d ago

I can't believe I got 4 disagrees for my post.

N4G, you are retarded. Not that I haven't known that for 4 years.

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Iroquois_Pliskin2641d ago

i miss the old RE from PS1 era

malamdra2641d ago

the "ambitious" thing is irrelevant, it can mean anything

what's important about this is that this guy just confirmed the Resident Evil 6 is on active developement

I liked 5, is not a great game but it's not bad by any means

jack_burt0n2641d ago

re remake on gamecube was SO SO SO good.

Sony3602640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Heaven forbid any ambition.

Good god. Remake Resident Evil 2 already.

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captain-obvious2641d ago

that pic

ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh the memories

i really loved the classic RE games
please capcom get back to your roots

i would really like to play a new RE game that plays and feels like the classic ones classic RE game

Disccordia2641d ago

They stopped making them because everyone said they were getting stale.

phinch2641d ago

who's this everyone you speak of?

phinch2641d ago

Have you played the gamecube remake of the origional? awesome game if you havnt, and the visuals are still of todays standards and try "zero"

WhiteLightning2641d ago

Not to expect any news wasn't like that last October they told us we would hear more about RE6 soon, people thought it was going to be at the VGA at some point.

All they need to do is

Bring horror back
Follow Leon's story again with him and Ada
Ada Wong has her small campagin again
Rebbeca Chambers as Leon's partner
A type of merchent like the one from RE4
The same inventory from RE4 which you could upgrade
Mercenaries has differen't modes/challeneges (A NO TIME LIMIT MODE PLEASE)

MrSpace2641d ago

That would make me buy it first day if it included all of that stuff. What bugs me they say reboot but Leon/Ada's story isn't finished. How did Wesker get the sample off Ada when she betrayed him, who is the other company she is working for there is Umbrella, the S company which was actually Tricill and the other one called the Agency/Organization which she is working for. Capcom really need to fill these holes in before they try and change direction but knowing these guys who think they know what people want when they don't we'll get a full co-op action game with a multiplayer mode which has been tacked on. I swear to god Capcom don't change characters when you havent finished Leon's and Ada's story.

sam22362641d ago

Thank Christ you're not a game dev! Honestly, change Rebecca to Ashley and you've got RE4!

It's because of casuals like you that we got RE5 the way it was (Copy+paste of RE4 with co-op) and now we're getting that Operation Raccoon City shite.

If you want RE4 so much then PLAY the damn game! Stop ruining the series for those of us that want a proper RE game!

MrSpace2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

LOL calling Whitelightning casual. He has a point, just because they seem like RE4 idea's dosen't mean he's trying to say "Yeah I just want a copy and pasted game" I think he expects, well we all expect Capcom to develop on this idea. If you've saw in the past WL hates RE5, have you not seen the concept art of what RE5 used to be like he's posted. Think before you comment Sam2236

Disccordia2641d ago

The concepts of re5 were from when it was a ps3 exclusive.

phinch2641d ago

Bring back horror...Agree
Follow leons....Dissagree, use billy coen from zero, excelent character and isnt stale
Rebbeca chambers as billy's partner again
No merchants.....your contradicting bringing back horror if there is a local gun seller following you...
I like the ability to upgrade, there should just be a work station for this made with parts you find, not from picking up zombie gold and buying of this "merchant"

oh capcom.....give me a job

thedriffter502641d ago

@captain-obvious - Resi 4 didn't suck in fact it is one of the best games ever made.

Resi 5 sucked I'll give you that.

phinch2641d ago

Resident evil 4-5 were good actions, buts poorest of the resident evil horror franchise, completeley changed what it was about because they were trying to please a different audience,(true begining) resident evil fans didn't want the developers to change the game to suit a western audience we like it for what it was!!

MysticStrummer2641d ago

I hated RE4 and RE5. Played RE4 for free and lost interest quickly. Played the RE5 demo, actually half of it, and then deleted. RE2 is the peak of the series so far.

maniacmayhem2641d ago

RE5 was an okay game but it was definitely dated. The controls need some serious upgrading. The game was always really about action if you think about it.

Silent Hill to me was always more of the survival horror type of game.

MrSpace2641d ago

The problem with RE5 is that they took out most things which made RE4 good and ethier scrapped them or changed them so they were crap. For example in RE4 you picked up treasure, saw a blue light in the distance (the merchent), traded you treasures for money and bought upgrades (During the chapter). RE5 made it so you could only hold up to 9 items and the only way you could buy something is if you finished the level or died.

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