Forbes: MLG Gamer Mike ‘Hastr0′ Rufail Explains Why Pro Gaming Is Attracting Mainstream Advertisers

Pro gaming has been a global phenomenon in Asia and Europe for years, but this year is seeing an explosion in the U.S. And mainstream brands and advertisers are starting to capitalize on the success of both live events and the streaming of those competitions online. The second stop in the 2011 Major League Gaming (MLG) U.S. Pro Circuit in Columbus, Ohio shattered previous records delivering more than 22.5 million stream views of the event on

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Peaceful_Jelly2642d ago

I just don't get the name. MLG = Major League Gaming but all they play is Halo and Call of Duty...

jack who2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

rainbow 6 ghost recon Gears Of War and other shooters

jeeves862640d ago

As long as you don't call it a sport, I'm cool with that. But you'd think there would be a bigger variation on the games that they've played.