GamerGaia Review: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

Dan Curtis of GamerGaia writes: Let me just begin with one of my favourite, rather hilarious quotes from Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3. It goes like this: “In Japan, before a battle, I hear a solider spends the night alone with his weapon.” That’s just an example of the game’s laughable dialogue – this title is a bizarre mix of cringe-worthy narrative wrapped up in what should be a repetitive gameplay experience; however this title instead draws you in with extensive levels of customization, the ability to kick several hundred enemies squarely into next week all at once and ultimately provides a passably fun, but extremely flawed, experience for Gundam fans and other players alike.

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pixboy2600d ago

This game gets boring... fast. Why do they keep making Dynasty warriors games? :S

rmoar2600d ago

A Gundam game is boring... I don't understand how they continually turn such a great IP into such meh.

flipmop442599d ago

For some reason I like these games its like meditation where you just zone out and smash enemies.