Puzzle Agent Review [GameRevolution]

"Who would've figured the FBI would have a puzzle division? And even stranger, that it would actually come in handy someday? Nelson Tethers, that's who. The hero of Puzzle Agent is a man with a pale complexion, a knack for puzzles, and an addiction to gum. The White House's eraser supply has run out, so Nelson is sent to the quiet town of Scoggins, MN in order to find out exactly what's going on. After a couple of puzzles, Tethers finds realizes he’s in deeper than he thought." - Eduardo Reboucas,

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dbjj120882635d ago

Looks interesting, I'll check it out when I see it on sale.

birdy9662635d ago

It's only just under £3 as it is..

dbjj120882635d ago

Yeah actually I saw it on the Steam sale right after I commented.

birdy9662635d ago

I bought it aswell, haven't played it yet though:)