Hi-Rez Studios explains their Loadout System - Loadouts can be acquired through gameplay

DSOGaming writes: "A lot of PC gamers whined when Hi-Rez Studios revealed that Tribes Ascend's Loadouts can be purchased and in an attempt to calm them down, the company released an interesting FAQ on their forums. After reading, we have to say that there is really no reason to worry guys, as Loadouts can also be acquired through gameplay."

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john22603d ago

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EvanVolm2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

This is just a fraction of what the community doesn't like about Tribes: Ascend. Besides, this clarification doesn't help calm things at all, since they shouldn't have messed with a loadout system that worked perfectly fine for over a decade. The thing that made Tribes so great was the freedom. The freedom of movement and freedom of options.

You could pick and choose whatever loadout you wanted in previous games, so long as they are supported by your armor(i.e. Light armors can't carry Mortars). This means you can create specific and unique loadouts on the fly, instead of being limited to a set amount, and maybe even predetermined loadouts(not confirmed by HiRez, but is certainly a possibility). In T:A, you choose what loadouts you want to bring with you BEFORE the match, and can be accessed during the game either by respawning or accessing an inventory station.

So if a situation arises where your team needs more defense, but no one brought any defensive loadouts with them, you're sorta screwed unless you disconnect from the game and start over.

Then there's the whole credits system, which very few, if any people like. While technically Tribes 1 had a credits system in place, it wasn't enforced or really used. You could simply head to an inventory station, buy whatever you wanted and leave. With T:A, you must earn credits by doing "good things" throughout the game before you can buy base assets such as turrets. It's not a level playing field for both teams.

The weapon limit is one of the biggest issues at this point. Tribes has always had a minimum support of three weapons per class, usually disc launcher, chaingun and grenade launcher/laser rifle. Medium supported 4, and Heavy supported 5+. However, in T:A Hi-Rez is limiting it to 2 weapons for ALL armors, with an additional slot for a melee weapon.

I'm also hearing you can't even jump, which would make disc jumping(a popular aspect to Tribes) pretty much impossible. Hi-Rez is taking a lot of the things that made Tribes so good, and doing the complete opposite. I'm not complaining because they changed things, I'm complaining because they have no reason to change things other than to dumb down gameplay and limit our control over the game.

Modding was one of the biggest things about Tribes, and is the sole reason both T1 and T2 still have a playerbase these days. T:A won't have ANY mod or map making support at launch. There's more I could add but I honestly don't see the point. They say they're open to change and that it's only in alpha at this point, but it's unlikely that a lot of these gameplay elements will change.

SweatyFlorida2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

This is where the phrase "Free 2 Play" comes in mind ;) and I'm sure they'll say the same. If you had to pay for the game then yes, you'll probably get what you want for your money's worth, but with f2p theirs less incentive to go all out and change what needs to be changed to please those hardcore fans :/

But the fact that some rich(er) kid can get a loadout I've been trying to get for weeks through hard earned playtime, in a day, is kinda lame tbh. If they need money, I'm sure many, if not all fans would be willing to pay $10-15 for the game (not loadouts), that way things might actually turn out the way you fans want it to be and the devs themselves can push out better games, faster. But I digress, game isn't coming to Ps3 so hope you PC guys are satisfied in the end :)

EvanVolm2602d ago

Actually HiRez has recently said a PS3 port is possible. Anyways, I'd much rather have the option to pay a flat fee upfront with everything unlocked, while also the f2p aspect where you can earn things just by playing.

SweatyFlorida2602d ago

Really? didn't know that thanks ^^

But totally agree. If you pay for the game everything is done and done and you don't have to worry about possible advantages opponents may have. Pure skill vs pure skill on even playing fields, not skill vs a person with a big wallet.