Remembering Railroad Tycoon 3

Throw ethics and friendly business to the wind in Railroad Tycoon 3. Bits 'n' Bytes Gaming's Declan replays one of the management genre's most hardcore games. Train-driver hats are optional.

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Bounkass2635d ago

RollerCoaster Tycoon ftw!

lzim2635d ago

well yes obviously, but Railroads! is also fun.

I'm hoping the next in any of the 3 series will be made soon and with enough quality that it can reach a large audience online and off.

TGM2635d ago

PopTop (RT2/3 developers) were amalgamated into Firaxis (Sid Meier's studio) in 2006. Now that Civ5 is out of the way, I'm hoping, like you, that either RT or Railroads gets another installment.

As for RCT, about this time last year, it was announced on the forums that the developers were looking for creative input on a fourth game, so I think we may be in luck!

lzim2634d ago

it won't since they are hogs in slop for the web based civ game.

it sickens me that they'd do civ online in the face of Age of Empires online, also after checking out google's Earth on running in 3D and fairly snappily.

it is like they intentionally refuse to make good games, compared to the classics.

I could imagine a google earth-like 3D world instead of the usual train table map, with players running their little railroads (and side businesses) in a browser for as long as they care to play, sell their business and buy back in later on when they have more time to play. heck if they could consider doing one planet they could add spaceports and get real in depth solar/intersolar economies rolling. why bother with remaking civ yet again.