PS Vita’s Face Control is a Kinect Killer

New Face Control technology revealed for the PS Vita at Tokyo's Game Tools and Middleware event rivals the face recognition software used by the Kinect. The new PlayStation will even allow gamers to control in-game scenarios using just their facial mannerisms.

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CrazyForGames2697d ago

what now a handheld is competing with a console accessory.... wow

ConanOBrien2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Sadly, it's just someone's opinion. Reality check: A face recognition vs a full-body recognition just screams insecurity towards Kinect. Please cry moar or try harder to get hits. Kinect killer..bwahaha

deadpoole2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Well, I dont know .... the thing with Kinect is ... I was at Game three weeks back ... demo being used to show Kinect was horrible ... now Im not talking about 200ms or 500ms lag ... effing whole or more then one second lag.

I thought well Ill come back some other time ... 4 days back I was at Game ... Same shit different game ... In my opinion, Kinect is worst peice of $hit ever released by MS, just like zune and other failed products (an expensive webcam). Dont get me wrong tech is awesome but the freakin Lagfest is killin it. In other words epic fail when it comes to hardcore gaming.

gustave1542697d ago

its definitely gonna sell more than Kinect thats for sure. dunno about the killer part though.

Why o why2697d ago

Hands up if you're tired of everything having to be a 'killer'. More media stoking like tripple a and meta scores in my opinion. We would get along much better without em

TheFact0032697d ago

This isn't YouTube... "Hands up if... Thumbs up if..."

ArmrdChaos2697d ago

How about better title..."Opinion pieces are an intelligence killer."

HeavenlySnipes2697d ago

Maybe they could use it to sign in different accounts (if more than one person uses the Vita).

I'd like if the PSEye gets remade with this tech. I want it to have better face tracking because it kinda hard for it to recognize faces in GT5 and such. Maybe the revamped PSeye could be used to put your face on characters in RPG's or be used with the Move to allow ducking/leaning while you use the Move as a sword/shield

SweatyFlorida2697d ago

That RPG part would be awesome to have. Though I guess it would be kinda creepy(or funny) having your face with a smile slaughtering orcs or something xD Perhaps multiple faces? like anger, happy, normal, sad, etc...

But then again I doubt Sony will capitalize on the eye/move anytime soon. Perhaps the PS4 will include a set with the newly revamped peripherals or near launch of PS4. If the console can upgrade, then the accessories can too ;)

HeavenlySnipes2697d ago

to extend the life of the PS3, making motion gaming more immersive and advanced would be a great way to do so.

SweatyFlorida2697d ago

That's a cool little feature 'o'
but a "fun" gimmick(this) vs a "serious" gimmick(kinect) is still a gimmick :p

KonaBro2697d ago

a communication tool using face recognition is a gimmick. Someone better tell KInect and Skype to go home. The war is over. /s

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The story is too old to be commented.