Media Molecules Promises To “Always Be Involved With Little Big Planet”

While it doesn't look like Media Molecule will be starting on a new Little Big Planet in the near future, the studio promises to remain involved with the series.

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Kamikaze1352638d ago

Except they haven't released half as much DLC for LBP2 than they did with LBP :(

captain-obvious2638d ago

i bet they'll still make LBP DLCs
im not sure but i think they still support the first LBP with new DLCs

MM knows how to treat their fanbase

blizzard_cool2638d ago

the only LBP2 DLC that is being worked on is the Move DLC set to release in September.

TenSteps2638d ago

Somebody slap me sane I'm being bothered by the spacing

MidnytRain2638d ago

Either you *aren't* insane or I *am* insane because I feel the need to ram the box art into the author's face.

"What does this look like to you?!


THC CELL2638d ago

these guys must have loads of funds as lbp 2 and 1 did not cost that much to make i bet.

and the dlc alone tops them up. i mean how much dose it cost to make one outfit maybe £150 on average they sell 200 of them.

i would like to see some new create game that not includes sack boy, i mean like FPS create or 3rd person create or even full 3d world rpg create.
as much as i like sackboy i would not like to make a killzone type game with him in it lol

Mm keep up with good work will always be a fan of you till no matter what games u make.

zanzibarlegend2638d ago

between LBP1 and 2 we have enough content for years to come. and plus it would benefit MM to really take some time off and get LBP out of their system to allow for a amazing third game. i will support MM in anything they make as they have given us blood sweat and tears in LBP1 & 2.

BrianG2638d ago

Going to be interesting to see them top LBP 2. A game to make games haha.

But I'm sure they can with new tools, materials, control over more gameplay aspects, etc...

I sadly could not pick up LBP 2 but was part of the Beta and have seen some gameplay of user created levels. I regret not buying it now.

mastiffchild2638d ago

The buy it whenever. We only just bought it for my youngest the other day and the only thing that's happened is there's even more levels to mess about in for him and his schoolmates in co-op! Even LBP1 is STILL throwing amazing games and one of my best mates(he builds amazing mods/levels for UT3 which we still cook over to PS3 sometimes-even today)STILL makes just LBP1 levels as he thinks he can still get more out of the first games tools yet-he won't be alone and will pick it up when he's got time and feels he's done what he can with LBP itself so I jus imagie the stuff he and his kind can cook up with LBP2.

I find it a little incredible that he and his lot , used to more sophisticated methods like with modding, can find a ton of stuff to do ,make and challenge themselves with on a game meant to be able to be used by ANYONE. I'ts pretty amazing when you think about it.

Anyway, point is you're possibly BETTER off getting it later!

As for MM-as they used to(the head guys)be part of Lionhead I wonder if they have a few ideas more similar to the back catalogue at Molyneux's lot. They definitely deserve the chance to go for a new, fresh challenge. I'll be waiting with baited breath as I feel, given the more rigid constraints of a normal game, they could blow our minds with their levels of creativity.

christoph2032638d ago

it seems like the logical next step for media molecule to move on from LBP and expand on the play/create/share genre with a new IP.. it will be a 3D game i recon , not a 2D

ShoryukenII2638d ago

littleBIGPlanet 3D on Playstation 4...? *drools*

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